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GIA Style Card //The look of a shopaholic

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There is a thing that all girls love:fashion and diamonds.I don’t think you will be able to find in the virtual world for a girl who isn’t look for new dresses and new stuffs.And i must confess to all of you that i am one of the girls who is shopping 24/7 and can’t stop myself,but at least i am proud of myself hehe.My inspiration of styling from the virtual life comes from the real life,but i didn’t started this style card to talk about him.But at least i can tell you that i am a proud shopaholic at a famous shop that i am almost sure you know it,the unique Lelutka,the world of fashion.Lelutka is one of the shops who get in the top because of it’s high quality designs.I can truly name Lelutka the factory of fashion,because different people are working to make this shop the biggest around the virtual world and they are on their way.My advice is to take a cup of coffee and be ready to read one of the most amazing cards,the Lelutka..

The first thing i want to talk about is the outfit ,that is my favorite that i got until now.I love to mix and match and Lelutka give me the possibility to play with the designs and find the perfect outfit and this is my amazing result.The first thing when i get in the shop was that i wanted something light,something inspired from the morning sun ,something to shine ,to look great and casual too,and i made it very easy.I had to make some looks at all the Lelutka mode section and i was impressed by all her designs but this one made me fall in love with them.If you want to look sexy ,casual and a bit elegant in the same time you will have to wear a Lelutka jacket,but not a usual one ,the [LeLutka]-NAKITA jacket on gold..why gold? because it will look amazing with the next things we are going to talk about.As for the pants let’s stay on long trousers like [LeLutka]-IBIS pants again on gold.A thing that impressed me a lot at this pants where that amazing flowers giving the trousers a more fantastic look.Just take a look at them?Aren’t they fantastic?I love it because it’s not the usual look that all girls have is something special at it,and for it i want to thank thousands of time to Thora Charron that is the designer of mode at Lelutka[Congrats for the amazing work]

But what if i say you that Thora Charron created another thing too that helped us a lot getting our outfit to shine on the street,and giving it a more casual and even shoapholic look.Yes you are right,i am talking about the amazing bag.It is made with some much attention,and maybe that’s the key why this bag looks so fantastic.It was really easy to find it at Lelutka,and was easier to fit it with the dress as you can see their shop different colors,you just have to choose your favorite.And the good part is that you can wear the bag with the AO[you should because they have some amazing pose and walks special for the bag] or without is your choice.I loved it a lot especially the color and design.,that makes me a truly shopaholic.You can find it at Lelutka mainstore with the name of [LeLutka]-LoveJUNKYbag FULLsand,but don’t forget to take a look at the other colors too,they are fantastic.

The next thing i am going to talk about and that made me love it are the shoes.They are a fantastic creation of another designer from Lelutka,Minnu Palen.Like the bag you can find different colors of the shoes at their mainstore ,making your dress more easy to fit with the shoes.And the best part is that you get a hud so you can match the fingers skin tone with the other part of the body,and to select your favorite nail colors.I wanted something more to yellow so i stayed on that since i wanted it to fit with the rest of the things i already got.The pairs i presented you in this style card are named [LeLutka]-St.Tropez Shoe and for the color i chose the gold one[same color as the pants and jacket] .It was so easy to fit it and select my favorite nails,you will love it’s so much fun.In the same time i loved it’s shape too..not the usually extreme heels that almost make us fall from it..they are just perfect for what we need.You must take a look at the shoes too ,one better than another.

Before we end with the fashion part we have to talk about one more thing :the accessories.For that we have Anykey Munster that created some fantastic ear rings to fit our style.Girls love diamonds ,we love everything that is expensive,but we won’t be able to wear at a casual dress a lot of diamonds..and long ear rings ..or maybe not at this style it won’t fit it will be to much.So i found at the Lelutka mainstore this little ear rings too.I felt in love with them exactly when i saw it,they are not big..not at all..they are little and very nice.They fit the outfit because of the color change menu[yes you will be able to change the color of different parts making it look even better and easier to use].When i saw them i said to myself something like”Omg..Lelutka made my dream come true”.With the name of [LeLutka] – Denis Earrings they can be very easily found at Lelutka mainstore,but don’t forget to take a look at other accessoriestoo,they are fantastic.

Looks like this is going to be a long style card,but now we will move from the fashion part to something very necessary in this style card :Our body.And the first part we are going to talk about is the skin that is very important if we want to look great.Lelutka is well known in the world because it’s high quality skins,so i decided to use one of them too .When i entered their skins room i was amazed because of all the amazing things that were there,one better than another.All kind of skins from different regions of the world it was fantastic to take a look at their designs.But at the end i decided to stay on London.Then another problem was the make up so much makes up didn’t know which one to chose,but then i saw it…the Lelutka-London Revolution SunTan -Makeup 4b .I didn’t wanted something with hundreds of makes up on my face something simple and to look great and thanks to Lelutka i found one of my favorite skins.You should take a look too at their skin zones and see which one fits you the best and which one you like the’s so easy..and so much fun.

We are ending our Lelutka style card with one more thing from our body part:The hair .The hair is the part that can change our look totally..if we select the wrong hair style then we destroy the look,if we select the amazing one we make it rock.It’s like the russian roulette ,but in this case the gun is the hair.You will be able to find some nice styles at their mainstore ,and so did i.I chose to wear something not very sophisticated something more to simple and casual the: [LeLutka]-KIANNA Hair .You can choose from different colors so you will be able to find your favorite,but this time i stayed on the caramel color that fits the skin and the other parts of the style card amazing.Isn’t it amazing?And when i say you that you will be able to find thousands of other amazing things you should belive me .

And now looks like we are finishing the style of the day .I was honored to present a Lelutka style,and i tell you again all things in the style cards and what i taught about can be found at the Lelutka Mainstore.With just a walk around their shop you can change your look and look fantastic in just so minutes.You won’t lose anything,take a look at the Lelutka Mainstore

-Shop List-

Top: [LeLutka]-NAKITA jacket/gold -Thora Charron
Bottom: [LeLutka]-IBIS pants/gold – Thora Charron
Shoes: [LeLutka]-St.Tropez Shoes (Gold) – Minnu Palen
EarRing : [LeLutka] – Denis Earrings[Gold]- Anykey Munster
Bag:[LeLutka]-LoveJUNKYbag/FULLsand/ – Aradia Dielli
Skin:[LeLutka]-LondonRevolutionSunTan-makeup4b – Minnu Palen

All the stuffs presented in this style card can be found Lelutka Mainstore

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