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GIA Style Card // The perfect summer dress

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I am more than a fashion stylist, I am a shopaholic too. So while I was shopping at a mall I found a fantastic place named MIMI’S CHOICE, owned by Mimi Juneau.

The shop I discovered is fa-bu-lous.. I started to look around, being visually attracted by outstanding, high quality clothes surrounding me. That’s when I found one of the most impressive dress I ever saw in my Second Life, the dress named “Morgan.” This one, designed by Jador, comes in different colors, each of them making you unique. I decided to go for the gold version.

Few minutes after wearing this delicate design, I totally felt like the queen of the sun! It made me shine on the dancefloor, turn heads when walking down the streets… This is an intricate, elegant creation that all fashionista must own.

I recommend it for summer night events – trust me, all the guys around the firebon are going to look after you! “Morgan” is the ultimate summer dress, it will enhance your suntanned body at all summer fiestas.

MIMI’S CHOICE is a boutique that collaborates with some of the best fashion designers around, it was therefore really easy to find a fantastic hairstyle in her shop in order to match my dress. I was looking for something simple, not a sophisticated haircut. I found the “Nathalie” hairdo from Bax Hair, designed by Julia Merosi. The blond pack was my favorite selection. It is composed of a headband and adorned with pretty diamonds. I choosed the coral color for the headband and went for red diamonds. Since it is modifiable you can play with it and choose the best colors that suits you!

ABOUT THE DRESS… (Style Interview with Mimi Juneau)

I had the immense pleasure to meet one-on-one with Mimi and ask her some style questions.

Amalia Foxtrot: Hello Mimi, it is very nice from you to take the time to answer these questions. I would like to know more about the dress called “Morgan.” Between you and me (and GIA Style blog readers), which color do you prefer?
Mimi Juneau: My choice is the golden dress
A.F: Where would you use this dress?
M.J: it looks amazing at night, and moves great while dancing. I would wear it to go out dancing on a beach or in a classy dance club
A.F: Since when do you collaborate with the brand Jador?
M.J: must be 14 months I think, we became close friends, I do the service of Jador when she’s not around
A.F : Wow it is a longterm relationship then! Thank you for your time Mimi, we will look out closely for this style partnership.

Nothing goes better with this outfit than some fantastic, matching gold heels! The shoe collection by Odessa Dagostino designer of the fantastic shop named “Vanity Designs” inspired me the perfect pair. These shoes make your feet look extremly sexy, you can even spice up your look with glossy pedicure. My choice was the Jovanna Stilettos in gold. I can’t stop myself contemplating and wearing them!

Put together, these wonderful fashion pieces give us a first class look. If you are a shopaholic or a fashion lover, you MUST visit the shops presented today. One more must-have outfit in your wardrobe thanks to Mimi’s Choice & Vanity Designs.

Credits :
Photo & Fashion review by Amalia Foxtrot, GIA Stylist

[Style Card]
Hair : Bax Hair Nathalie -Blond Pack-by Julia Merosi from MIMI’S Choice

Skin : Belle #1 Skins/shape from Belleza
Shop Belleza

Dress: Morgan Gold -By Jador- from MIMI’S Choice

Shoes: .:VDI:. Jovanna Stilettos Gold By Odessa Dagostino from Vanity Designs
Shop Vanity Designs

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