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GIA Style Card // The perfect swimsuit

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It is finally summer time! And during this period, we girls need to look hot and sexy at any given time. That is why I am going to present you the best designers who can glam up your seasonal look. Getting a tan near the pool or on the beach have never been so easy!

Lately my boyfriend launched the idea that we should go to the beach and I of course accepted. Thing he didn't know is that it would take me about 2 hours to find my favorite swimwear… Nothing in my closet was actually suitable I absolutely needed to go for summer shopping time.

I visited several shops but none of them really enchanted me before I found AW Designs, owned by Adrina Welders. As I gradually discovered the delicate creations and the uniquely sculpted shoes I had the luck to find the swimwear I was looking for. I went for the cherry tone of the *bokon*. The set is composed of a sulfurous bikini and a sarong, both have been ferociously textured and witness of a great care to details. I find the sarong to be a marvelous fashion item, I do love to wear it when sunbathing on my private beach.

The good news for me was that I reduced my shopping list to one unique shop that totally satisfied my fashion intentions. I found in the AW Designs shop the cute flip flops “Olimpia.” They give a terrific beach look once associated with the sarong. You will turn heads in this ensemble! If you want to look irresistible this summer, I do highly advice you on visiting Adrina Welders' mainstore, I am sure that you will find your happiness there.

This time, the person I had the chance to meet is nobody else but the fashionista and designer Adrina Welder, creator of the brand AW Designs.

ABOUT AW DESIGNS… (Style Interview with Adrina Welders)

Amalia Foxtrot: Good afternoon Miss Welders! I am sure that GIA Style Blog Readers want to get to know you better. I personally love your designs and especially the swimwear collection, it does look delicious. Do you have some minutes for a short interview?
Adrina Welders: Sure thing.
A.F: Very good! First question, for how long is your shop up and running? And how did you come to consider an SL Fashion Designer career?
A.W: I opened up my store in January 2007 (if you could call it a store lol). The idea of becoming a designer just happened so to speak. I like trying new things all the time. I was just fooling around with my first creation and my friends told me to put it up for sale and then the ball was in movement.
A.F: That really is a long time, congratulations! Why did you go for this name, AW DESIGNS?
A.W: Thank you! Well my store name is one of the less original kind and maybe a bit boring. AW is just my initials. I sometimes wished I had put some more thought into it.
A.F: What was your first creation back in the days, the range of shoe that I can see in the shop or clothes?
A.W: My first creation was a outfit set in leather. I didn’t start with shoes until about a year later.
A.F: Nods. Let’s talk about the swimsuit that I chose today. When was it released and what inspired you this creation?
A.W: Well I had made couple one-piece swimsuits in a row and the only Bikinis I had made was some old stuff that I wasn’t all too happy about. So I thought it was time for a new bikini. And all I had in mind from start was that it would be a bit sportier.
A.F: They are looking very good! Are you working on a new design at the moment?
A.W: Yes I am. It’s not a swimsuit though but an outfit set that I hope to get out this week. It has been delayed over and over again but now it’s all finished.
A.F: Okay Miss Welders! Thank you a lot for your time and I hope to see your creations soon
A.W: You’re welcome!

Luckily this time the hairstyle shopping mission was incredibly easy thanks to the recently opened MIRONE main shop, that is located at the agency's sim. Miu Edman is a veteran top model of GLANCE International Agency and when I heard she turned into hair designer I of course had to check out closely her creations. I did not really know which hairstyle to get at first, the temptation is big in such a nice shop! I finally went for the *DORY 2* cut, in black. The headband offers a myriad of colours in options and my choice was the red tone to match the swimsuit. This hairstyle goes best with a casual outfit. For anything casual and sophisticated, I highly advice you to visit MIRONE shop.

And now we have the swimsuit, the flip flops and the hairstyles all realized with the help of AW Designs & MIRONE. But there is still something that misses here… Accessories! Usually I do not like to wear a lot of those on me, but I honestly could not resist the *Ticky Tacky* jewelry sets. After looking a bit around Narita Rayna shop I found the set that would adorn the best my outfit of the day and make me shine : it is called *Scarlet*. With its rubis glints it gives to my look a refined touch. I used both the left ankle bracelet and the necklace of the same set.

Psss : you do also get a belly chain with AW Designs set… I switched for the sarong but I let you discover the fabulous chain.

We have the *Bokon* swimsuit from AW Designs, the *Scarlet* jewelry set from *Ticky Tacky*, the *DORY 2* hairstyle from MIRONE and the “olimpia” flip flops. Add to this a beach bag, ICON Fashion Magazine of the month and some sun cream and you are ready for a wonderful trip to the sea. You just have to decide where to go!

Oh and for my boyfriend, you shouldn't worry much… I know how to make him forget my (super) long shopping hours… But that will remain my secret. Till next shopping !

Credits :
Photo, fashion review and interview by Amalia Foxtrot, GIA Stylist

[Style Card]
Swim suit: AW DESIGNS – bokon cherry / Designer: Adrina Welders
Flip Flops : AW DESIGNS – Olimpiad Red / Designer: Adrina Welders
Hairstyle : Mirone – Dory 2 black / Designer: Miu Edman
Accessories: *Ticky Tacky* – Scarlet (includes bracelets and necklace) / Designer : Narita Rayna

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