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GIA Style Card //Tribute to Coco Chanel

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Today i am going to present a very special style card for me.A style that changed the second life world created by one of the most known designer.We are going to wear the best shoes in second life so we can make sure we look good all the item.Of course we shouldn’t forget about the lovely skin and hair that i am going to show you today ,belive me you’ll love it.But before i’ll start presenting this style card i will want to say some words ,like for who was design this dress and why it is so important for me ,belive me you will be impressed[or at least i hope so]So come with me,and don’t lose time because i think this won’t be a very short style card hehe.

The lights in this style cards will fall on the dress that is an amazing creation of SYSY for a very special person.A person that change our lifes.Her designs changed the world of fashion and the empire she built still bears her name,she was considered one of the best designers and even after her death her fashion empire is still considered one of the best .I am sure you already realized who is it about..Coco..Coco Chanel.

I am so happy for Sysy,that she thought at this dress,that she thought at one of the best designers,a truly tribute to Chanel.How you can see the color of the dress is white so maybe that’s one of the thing that made me love it.It looks always so clean and elegant,and that top of it is the best choose.How you probably already saw is that if you are using this dress you will have to wear nice shoes to because the dress is design in such way that the lights will fall on your bottom part.It is elegant is sophisticated is the best choice for a women.Wearing the name of SYSY’s tribute to CoCo Chanel – Voulez vous gown can be easily found at the SYSY mainstore as a new release,because it just got out.And the best part is that you can wear this elegant dress and different events too ,you can wear it at night parties,important events or everywhere you like you will always look amazing.Let your heart open ,and continue supporting the best designer Coco chanel with the help of this Sysy gown you can make it.Another thing that i am sure you’ll absolutely love is that hair feathers that come with the dres.How you can see they are in 2 colors black and white because in that way they will fit amazing with your gown and in the same time will give your hair a very special effect.So my advice is to run as fast as you can to her mainstore and don’t even think if to buy it or not..because the answer will be yes.

I am sure you already saw the hair.I didn’t want to wear something sophisticated because it will give the dress a too formal aspect and i didn’t wanted that.I wanted something simple,easy to wear and to look sweet.And here comes the Lelutka new hair that changed our hair style.With the name of the [LeLutka]-KIANNA Hair you can find it at their mainstore in different colors: Blondes,Browns,Peroxides,Blacks,Reds.Since now you won’t have anymore to look for the perfect dress to fit the here,because now we will be able to fit the hair with the dress hehehe.Because of my skin too,the perfect chose for me was the caramel color,i just love how it looks,and if you are going to use the same skin you should buy that color to it’s fantastic ^^.Like all the other shops lelutka has some other fantastic things at their mainstore,so why not to take a visit?

As we go on we stop at another part of this style card that you will love the skin.In the last time i present the skins from the one of the shops i am in love with it.True girls i am talking about Soul.Her newest release the models skin are to amazing not to present them.I was just looking at them and all the makes up [full pack],and it’s so easy to use them.And the best part is that they can fit easily even on the not to good shape.But this time i used one of my favorite because it’s the one that is fitting 100% on my shape,and i am talking about the model pack Tiffany.I was so happy when the designer told me she released it,i think it was one of the designs i posted exactly after some minutes i got it,and i still can’t stop myself showing it to you.I didn’t use any hard make up,i preferred to be simple like i wanted this style card to be.But of course the other makes up in the pack looks amazing too.You should try them too,and the Sasha model skins too they are both so amazing.

And the last thing i am going to present you in this style card is the amazing shoes that of course are B&G [ Boys & Girls].At least this time we won’t forget out guys neither,because b&g has some great male shoes too ,and they must take a look of them.As for our style card i used something simple ,and not very sophisticated with lil pearls on it that gave it an amazing asspect.You can buy it in different colors but i decided to get only the black,because that’s the one i liked the most.But to own them you will have to go to their mainstore and choose your favorite shoes,but belive me that won’t be easy because all look amazing.Have a great shopping at B&G

I am sure you are amazed on this style card that is a tribute to coco chanel thanks to the Sysy Gown,Lelutka Hair,Soul Skin and of course B&G Shoes.All this shops are waiting for you to get styled and look great.Are you ready to go shopping?Have fun like always,because i already had .

-Shop List-

Dress : Voulez vous gown – Sysy / Designer : SySy ChapmanAvailable at Sysy Mainstore

Hair : KIANNA Hair-Caramel – Lelutka / Designer : Aradia Dielli
Available at Lelutka Mainstore

Skin: Tiffany female skin – Soul Skins/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Soul Mainstore

Shoes: B&G WOMAN SHOE ALBA – B&G / Designer: Bg Planer
Available at B&G Mainstore

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