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GIA Style Card //We all want to be famous

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Hello guys.Do you remember that song”I’ll follow you until you love me /Papa-paparazzi,/Baby there’s no other superstar /You know that i’ll be your /Papa-paparazzi ” ? is lady gaga,the singer that inspired me in creating this look that i am going to present today.And who is the designer who helped us?The fantastic Beauty Avatar ^^ let’s take a look together at what we’ve got.

Usually i start with outfit ,but this time i want to begin the card with a part from this look that i really love,the hair.How you could already see,it is inspired from the rl singer Lady Gaga ,her rebel and interesting hairs.Since i saw it at the beauty avatar mainstore,i decided that it must be in one of our style cards,and this is how all began.I chose to wear the *Beauty Avatar* A&A Hair – Lady Gaga Style Dark Blonde,but at beauty avatar mainstore you can find different colors too.

We all like the Gaga make up,true?That little flash near the eye that made me love her since i saw her on MTV.And since we created the gaga look,beauty avatar had a special skin dedicated to her,it was so easy.I found it and got it for you.*Beauty Avatar* A&A – THABITA Dark Goddess, Skin 03 is the perfect choice for this style card,but if you don’t like it you can find different makes up too at the same store.

Now we go on,and we stop at the outfit.How you already saw it’s not a very sophisticated outfit,something simple..something casual that is what i wanted to get. The *Beauty Avatar* A&A Iamonia outfit i found it perfectly for this ,as i didn’t want to copy everything from the real gaga,i want to create my own Gaga hehe.You can wear it at shopping,or at your home,it will fit amazing.As all the other stuffs you can find it at the beauty avatar store,at the outfit zone.

Next we stop at the eyelashes ,Pochette and shoes .I wanted big eyelashes,something to make people scream”She is mad ” hehe,and that’s how i found the *Beauty Avatar* REGINA – Eyelashes 13 (tintable) .From the first time i saw it i said to myself”I have to own it”and so i did.Since this style was created more for shopping days i needed and elegant Pochette ,something to fit my hair and my outfit .The *Beauty Avatar Couture* Pochette on black was my perfect choice,so i decided to get it for you.And the last thing are the shoes.If you want to complete this style ,you will have to get the *Beauty Avatar* EMMA Shoes – 01 that are available in the same store …the black is my favorite hehe.
So Beauty avatar saved our style again,we’ve got from her shop hair,outfit,eyelashes,pochette,shoes and a fantastic skin.Now my advice is to open your music player and play lady gaga while you are going shopping at the amazing store

-Shop List for the GaGa look-

All the items presented in this GaGa style card can be found at the Beauty Avatar Store

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