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GIA Style Card// When the night comes down

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Its been such a long time since my last lingerie style card so while chatting with a few friends in the virtual decided I asked myself Why not do another again ? . After finishing my pictures I compared them with an old lingerie look and I was socked of how much my pictures improved . I know there is still a lot of work to be done but at least I feel like I am heading in the right direction . Let me show you what I have for you ..

For the underwear I chose BigBeautifulDoll creation entitled SILK ORCHID Lingerie Red . The good news is that it also includes appliers for several mesh body designers so I recommend it to everyone . For the hair I chose Ashley design by Phoenix which I fonud a perfect match for that sexy and mysterious look I was trying to achieve.

Time to talk a little bit about the accessories too . I have for you the simply stunning Hangig Boa and also Wrap Boa by Mya Banx .I was amazed by how realistic it looks and also by the many color and texture versions it comes with . Definitely a piece everyone should have in their inventory . I am not ending this style card without showing you Andy Berenohn design entitled Alexia Necklace . Definitely it is something that I am going to wear in the near future too .

The final thing on my list is KC Coutures footwear named Yuki . I am so proud to be one of their official bloggers so you can expect several presentations featuring their products.

Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot
GIA/Head Stylist
GIA/Director of Designers Liaison
GIA/A-list Group Manager

-Shops List-
Lingerie: SILK ORCHID Lingerie Red – BigBeautifulDoll /Designer : by BigBeautifulDoll
Available at BigBeautifulDoll mainstore

Stole: Hanging/Wrap BOA -[mymy] /Designer : by Mya Banx
Available at [mymy]mainstore

Necklace: Alexia Necklace- GeWunjo Designs. /Designer : by Andy Berenohn
Available at GeWunjo Designs. mainstore

Hair: Ashley- Phoenix /Designer : by lilly.herberg
Available at Phoenix mainstore

Head: Melissa 2.0 Milk – Genesis /Designer : by GenesisLab
Available at Genesis mainstore

Shoes: Yuki- KC Couture /Designer: Klari55a
Available at KC Couture mainstore

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