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GIA Style Card // When the night comes…

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Whatever is the season (summer, winter, spring, autumn…) we need to be ready to dress up and party. This demand lead us to require an upscale and luxurious gown in our closet at any time. Today, I have the very special mission to help you finding that luxurious dress that will make of you the center of the attention.


For some reason I wanted my dress to be red, an eye-catchy color that would turn heads in my direction. I have been using the shapes by the brand Noon for few days now and got used to those amazing creation, I love how dresses fits with them. It is now no secret to you that I love Mimi's Choice store, I find that the collections presented there are nothing but incredible. I found my dress only few minutes after enterting the shop the wonderful “Power of Rubin” by Jador. I would say it is inspired from the Japanese culture, what makes me think of this is the cute ethnic-themed bracelet and gold flowers that comes with the set. I am sure you will enjoy it! For me, Power of Rubin is the perfect outfit for a gala, for anything like a formal event. Under all angles, this is the dress to wear to shine in the ballroom.

Melody Shoes by B&G, here in silver

To match the gown, I have been hesitating between red or dark shoes. Wondering what was my final choice ? Well I selected my it-shoes at Mimi's Choice, they are the “Melody Shoes” in red. Created by the talented BG Planer, the particularity of Melody pair is the delicious prim toes that it offers. It certainly creates a stylish combination with the red. I had a lot of fun playing with the shoes HUD since it allows you to change the color of your pedicure (every woman needs to have nice and colorful pedicure) as well as matching the shoes with your skin tone.

In the same shop, I found an amazing shaped named “Paris” and created by NooN. The chances that your skin matches with your shape are so low that is why it is even a bigger pleasure to discover when you succeed and thanks to “Paris” shape, you do not have to worry anymore about adjustments. With such a shape, I could use any kind of skin tone and no doubt that it would suit my curves but I went for one of my favorite this time again, from Belleza. I simply cannot resist the glossy lips and wonderful eye-shadow. To sum up, if you need a dress or nice shoes or even a unique shapes that will look superb with the majority of your skin tones, Mimi's Choice shop will wait for you.

Let's see if you follow well today's style card. Guess who we are going to interview ? You got it right : Mimi Juneau, the owner of the store.

ABOUT TODAY’S LOOK… (Style Interview with Mimi Juneau)

Amalia Foxtrot: Hello Miss Juneau, it looks like we meet again! It is always a pleasure, of course. Do you have few minutes for a short interview ?
Mimi Juneau: Yes, of course.
A.F: Since we already met last week and introduced Mimi's Choice in the great lines I would like to go directly to what is hot today at the store. I indeed noticed several new elements in your shop and was wondering if a new designer joined the shop lately ?
M.J: Yes, I invited B&G shoes! She has fantastic high heels with open toes. You have to see the price! They are only 350! They have a great menu.
A.F: Yes I realized that too, it really is an incredible price when you consider the level of achievement and quality of this pair of shoe. Let's talk about the gown I selected today, the “Power of Rubin”. When was this dress released? Is it available in other colors than red ?
M.J: The power dresses are a Summer release, so they are rather new. They are named the power of Rubin, Onix and Gold so [they are available in] red, black and gold. Ziamela Loon did a great job !
A.F: Which one of the colors is your favorite? And why?
M.J: My favorite is the golden one, it looks great with my blonde hair, I think *smiles*
A.F: I am sure it does! What about the shoes? Which color of the B&G do you like the most?
M.J: I have 3 favorite colors, the white, camel and plata (combination red/brown)
A.F: Alright, Miss Juneau, this is the end of the interview. Thank you again for your time, I know you are a busy lady!
M.J: Thanks Amalia *smiles* It’s always a pleasure.

An other important body part to consider for a successful party look is the appropriate hairstyle. I am a huge fan of Sky Everett and it is probably the best shop where to go regarding formal cuts. I used once again here the delicate “Kiera” hairstyle in black. It is one of the best hairstyles that I have seen on the grid and this is why I do not hesitate to match it with all my upscale gowns. It is a sophisticated, first class cut that compliments well any creation. Get it in your inventory today : it is a must-have.

With the help of SL's top designers we created a Japanese princess look : Jador gown, B&G shoes, NooN shape and all of them have been found at Mimi's Choice. We also added the notable hairstyle by Sky Everett Designs Hair, that you will find at the eponymous main store, in-between one-of-a-kind furnitures.

Now, let's find some handsome guys who will join the party… Crossing my fingers for you! <3>

Photo, interview and fashion review by Amalia Foxtrot, GIA Stylist

[Style Card]
Hairstyle : Kiera black – Sky Everett Designs Hair / Designer : Sky Everett
Shop @ Sky Everett Designs Hair
Shape: Paris – NooN / Designer : Noon Twine
Dress : Power of Rubin – Jador / Designer : Ziamela Loon
Shoes: Melody shoes – B&G / Designer : BG Planer
Shop @ Mimi’s Choice

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