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Hello! Today, I’ll present you with a very special dress. Do be prepare to pay some attention now as you’ll find some interesting things in this style card including talented designers Caithlin Carter and Sky Everett‘s newest releases. So let’s go shopping…

I’m going to start with an beautiful gown. I don’t know why but in the last few weeks, a sudden urge overcame me as I couldn’t stop buying myself formal dresses. I’ve always taken the time to look at them but today I decided to do more than just admiring. So off I went to visit a nice shop called CCD, owned by a Miss Caithlin Carter. As Miss Carter is one of the best gown designers around SL, I felt as if I’ve entered my very fashion paradise. One of the dresses that impresses me is one of her newest releases, The CCD – Fashion Show – Outfit – 02. It’s a fantastic design that presents a unique style which also brings together the elegance and glamour to one who wears it. I love the brown gloves and the beautiful prims on the dress. It makes the dress looks so fabulous. Though I can exactly explains why, I love to associate the dress’ texture to the fortes. It’s probably because of the brown of the dress. Alas, what can I say except that the dress is amazing. I’d suggest that this is the dress to been seen in at formal parties. After the fateful visit to the CCD, I realized that I’ll be going back again very soon.

Occasionally, it can be very hard to find the right accessories to match a formal wear. You don’t quite know if you should wear pearls, gold, diamonds or silver? This CCD design solves the problem. The dress comes with a set of necklace, bracelet and earrings which I thought is such a wonderful complement. What’s better is that they are made of one of the precious things in the world: Diamonds. From the workmanship, you can tell that the necklace was created carefully to allow the diamonds to shine around your neck, revealing it to look fabulous. Like the necklace, the bracelet is made from diamond, and diamond bracelets are not easy to find these days so this is definitely worth your while to give you a glamourous style. Made using six diamonds, the design of the earrings are a rather elegant as another accessory.

CCD throw in another surprise with some nails! I was amazed that they are including so many accessories to match the dress. Comes in 3 sizes, the nails (Yes,it comes with some amazing nails in 3 sizes ,all brown with some elegant models at the top of the nails,that fit amazing with the formal dress.). I love the largest size and they are all made to shine like blings. Just a cheeky way to let people know that I can be a bad too. I have to also note that the colors on the dress and the accessories look fantastic and elegant. So, I think I don’t need to tell you where to go shopping tonight, right? CCD is waiting for us so stop by to get your favourite piece and make us proud!

Today, I saw something that impresses me. It’s something that I didn’t expected for but I saw it and I was blown away. I’m talking about The Lady Sophia, a new hair release by Sky Everett. A sophisticated hair that matches any kind of dresses. I know that many of us have been waiting for a new release so here it is. This time, I used the hair with the CCD dress. Since it’s an updo hair, it’s too elegant not to wear it with formal dresses. I couldn’t stop looking at myself and being extremely elated for the buy. The sophistication of the updo is especially at the back that I’ll leave you to discover on your own. Sky Everett is one of my favorite hair designers in Second Life and this design made me happy so I couldn’t help introducing it on the style card. I hope you like the styling I paired together on the card so girls, run along to Sky Everett‘s main store now for some hair shopping!

Now, we are ready to party with CCD‘s beautiful dress and accessories, and with Sky Everett‘s newest hair release. We are ready to shine and get the guys in our hands (or nails, lmao). Have fun partying and don’t forget to keep shopping. More shopping, more style. Have a good day.

Credits :
Photo and review by Amalia Foxtrot, GIA Stylist

[Style Card]

Dress: Ingrid – CCD // Designer: Caithlin Carter
Available at CCD Mainstore

Accessories :Anna – CCD // Designer: Caithlin Carter
Available at CCD Mainstore

Hair:Lady Sophia — Sky Everett // Designer: Sky Everett
Available at Sky Everett Mainstore

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