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GIA Style Card//Arrogance-Formal By SAS

Posted in Fashion Review, Featured News, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style News @ 4:05 am on March 22nd, 2011 by Kathrin Pearl | 84 views

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Oh what a wonderful day :O).
The sun is shining here and this means we will have a nice evening and a more nicer night,
where you can see the stars and the moon is shining onto you and let you look like a
princess while dancing with your partner into the night… romantic. SAS
do agrees here with me, why else the designer would have created the
“Arrogance Formal” Dress if not for such a perfect moment
~ smiles warmly ~.
This amazing gown are wearable in many variations it does come with
a Cocktail Flexi Skirt, Swooshy Skirt, Fluffer Skirt, Extravaganza Bolero,
Half Top or Full top and many more options for the lady to choose.
A formal gown made for every formal event by just choosing
the variation to wear :O)))… just some of the them
~ shows the attached pics ~.
I wear it here in the color red and beige…for now ~ winks ~.

I hope you did enjoyed this blog as much I did enjoyed to post and I wish you all a wonderful day.

SAS – Arrogance Formal – Beige & SAS – Arrogance Formal – Red Click here for the Slurl to the store

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Skin,Eyes & Heels:
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~ blows a smochie ~
with love
Kathrin Pearl

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