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GIA Style Card//Baiastice Spring II Collection

Posted in Fashion Review, Featured News, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style News, Style of the Day @ 9:53 am on May 18th, 2010 by amaliafoxtrot | 41 views

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Today is the Baiastice day.Why?Because I am going to present you their fabulous spring collection part 2.Today virtual fashion makes a big step with the help of Sissy Pessoa.So let's see what I kept in my inventory for you.

We will start with something simple.You remember the spring collection part 1 right?Very elegant,very sophisticated. Well this one is exactly the opposite very casual ,very comfortable .In the first picture you have the Baiastice_Cotton doll dress[available in light grey,pink,red and yellow] that fits amazing with the Baiastice_double sides[you can wear it with 3 different colors].For sure this is one of the must have from the collection.The doll dress is so fantastic,makes me feel like “home”.

We go on and now we have some other pants to fit with the doll dress.I am talking about the Baiastice_Flower leggins.I so love that flower texture ,Sissy really made a great job with them.You can wear it in 4 different colors: black/red ;blue;purple and yellow.

And as I said we still have one more pants style.It is the Baiastice_zebra legghins[I think the name says anything,and you already realized that it has zebra texture].Like the other one I recommend it do wear it with the doll dress[don't you love when everything fits with it?*hehe*],and in the same time they come in different colors too:acid green,blue,fuchsia,gold .

Enough with pants now let's go to short skirts . Baiastice_Sweet Alba is for sure one of my favorite items from the new collection.Why?Because it actually brings spring in a more let's say elegant dress.My favorite color is pink but you can still get it in flavescent yellow and white.For sure this one you must fit them with some very high heels. It's a must have for hot season.

The next one is actually a fit between a lovely top and a super sweet skirt.I can even recommend this for work ,because it has that elegant air and in the same time very relaxing.The skirts are named Baiastice_Didge hight skirt and in the pictures you have the red,bistre and yellow version.The tops are named Baiastice_Odette shirt and come in 4 colors: Cinereous,Liliac, Dark Alizarin,Soap Green.Of course if you don't want you can wear the shirt with other paints and same thing with the skirt.

The next one is more on the elegant side.Very short and fabulous in the same time,it is the Baiastice_Malika.Olive,Purple and Red are just some of the colors that you can get at the Baiastice mainstore.The thing that maybe made me like so much this dress is actually it's style .It looks like you are wearing 2 different outfits one on the other,but the truth is that there is only one outfit ,and that is Malika ^^.

The next thing we have is the Baiastice-Ketty-yellow..I find this a bit more aggressive spring style but still looks fabulous like all Sissy Pessoa's designs.In the same time in the picture you can see the very very sexy Baiastice_Gwen suit-black.If you want to wear it with pants you just need to get the Baiastice_Shift pants-black and wear it together.Will look gorgeous .

This outfit I kept it for the ending because it means a lot for me.First of all it has a breathtaking style .It is for sure one of the must have in your inventory for this season .Named Baiastice_Anna lou you can wear it in 2 different styles,but believe me both of them are incredible good looking.

Let's talk a bit about the colors.I must tell you that the Anna lou comes in a lot of different colors:black,carol blue,dark blue,golden,pink,purple and bistre. Another thing that makes this outfit scream your name is the belt.It is one of the best texture I ever saw. Looks so real ,especially when you think that it comes together with the set.

So now you are convinced that Baiastice Spring Collection Part II is a must have?I think you have enough evidences there .Don't forge to thank Sissy Pessoa (Baiastice designer)for the hard work she did .This collection is probably one of the best I saw until now,and I think is time we all go shopping.What you think?^^

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Style Card-

All the items presented in this style card are part of the Baiastice Spring Part 2 Collection
Available at Baiastice Mainstore

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