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GIA Style Card//Beach Time!!

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We’re back again with this beautiful Style Card I called Beach Time.I received this gorgeous skin that you simply adore,it is irresistible, and goes perfectly with any clothing that has not exaggerated makeup and can be easily combined with different coatings..i hope you’ll enjoy:).

1.Skin:Letituer. Doutzen Light LBrows/Blush + Doutzen Light Lipstick – Hard Pink |Letituer | Janie Acoustic | **More info’s** The store right now it’s close for redesign but you can find more info’s on her blog:) or contact personally.Letituer The skin comes in 3 tones.Light, Tan and Deep Tan,all tones come with 6 skins,3 with Blushes,3 without blushes..and 3 different eyebrows.Included a Rose lipstick too the lips on the Doutzen Skin are sold sold separately.

2.Eyelashes:Eyelashes -38- Classy *REDGRAVE* |REDGRAVE| Emilia Redgrave | REDGRAVE

3.FAB.PONY “Sasha” Hair (Malt Toffee) | FAB.PONY| Tatianna Faulkes | Fab.Pony

Have a good night. :)

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