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GIA Style Card//Bella Ragaza

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Good Afternoon GIA readers .How is everybody today?It seems like I had to take 3 days off work since I got pretty cold and I'm forced to stay in bed with my laptop in my arms. I can't say it's so horrible ,but my nose and cough keeps disturbing me from finish my daily blog posts .Anyway ,we are not here to talk about my health ,so I am going to show you what's new at one of my favorite store, Redgrave

For those who don't know ,Redgrave is what I call an elite in the fashion industry .They are here for a very long time ,before I joined SL and even before GIA was created . The most amazing thing about them is that they managed to stay in the top each time .Their releases got better and better ,and thanks to Redgrave skins, today I am a Second Life Top Model.

The first thing I want to show you is the skin .It's not a very new release ,it was designed some months ago ,but I felt like it would be really disrespectful for me not blog it since it looks super ultra good .It is called Bella,inspired from Twilight main actress Kristen Stewart.Even though I am a not a fan of the actress, I must tell you that I am a fan of this skin ,it looks perfect. The pack includes 10 different makes up ,teeth lips, cleavage and many other useful things .So this skin is for sure a must have !

As we go on ,we need to take a closer look to their hottest new release ..these fabulous heels. They can be found at their store under the name of Audrey2- PlateauHeel and I recommend everyone to get a fat pack because you will simply fall in love with the way you will be able to customize these pair of heels. As you can see in the pictures, I presented to you some of the color versions I managed to get ,but of course many others can be discovered …you only need to play with their hud .

So if you enjoy today's style presentation I recommend you all to visit Redgrave mainstore and check their newest releases .Don't forget to tell us if you found anything else interesting .xoxo Ama.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-
Heels: Audrey2- PlateauHeel -Redgrave/Designer:-Redgrave Team
Available at the Redgrave Mainstore

Skin:Bella Fat Pack-Redgrave/Designer:-Redgrave Team
Available at the Redgrave Mainstore

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