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GIA Style Card//Dress to Impress

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It feels so good to be able to take off some minutes to relax and prepare a new style card for my favorite readers.It is even better when I get new products to present to you ,like this gorgeous dress which is one of Azul’s newest releases . Let me share you some secrets about it.

I was so happy yesterday when they sent me the notecard which included some pictures of this new dress .I was like “I have to get it for my bloggers” so I immediately contacted their manager ,who is always a sweety and gave me the chance to present this design in my newest style cards.

Named Malaga ,it comes in many colors like all their designs ,but I decided to only show you my favorite 2 Topaz and Garnet.As you can see it is a very elegant dress ,and I want to advice everybody to take big care of what accessories you want to wear it ,because as you might know a bad necklace can destroy the entire look .

Other items that were featured in today’s style cards are Alienbear “Bloody Queen Rohesia” Set, the new Belleza Lily make up nr 5 skin and the very avant gardist hair Sauvage by Osmose

Are you ready to wear this stunning masterpiece ?If your answer to my question is yes ,then I want to please you all to press the slurl under the text and take a look at all the mainstore which provided us with materials for today’s style card.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-
Dress: Malaga(Color 1:Garnet ; Color 2:Topaz)-Azul/Designer :Mami Jewell
Available at the Azul Mainstore

Hair: Sauvage /Brick -Osmose/Designer:Fauve Beaumont
Available at Osmose mainstore

Skin: Lily Make Up 5 /Pale Version-Belleza/Designer :Tricky Boucher
Available at the Belleza Mainstore

Jewelries : Bloody Queen Rohesia – Alienbear / Designer :Alienbear Gupte
Available at the AlienBear mainstore

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