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GIA Style Card//Elegant Business Style

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Hello my readers .How is everybody today? I have been away from second life for a long time..and I am still super busy in real life ,that's why I am blogging very rare .But you know when I blog ..i make it fabulous .After weeks of working a lot in real life I managed to find a place in my schedule for this gorgeous new release that I am sure you will find adorable .Let me tell you more about it's business time..

Tell me do you know anyone who doesn't love Lelutka? The answer is NO. They are such a gorgeous store with very high quality items .Today I am bringing from then a extremely new release that are very breathtaking .First of all I got the new release named [LeLutka]-INFANTERIA Shirt on Cream .It's for sure such a elegant release .

What can go fantastic with this new item? Of course the [Lelutka]-Naomi skirt the dark version .It's not one of their newest release but for sure not the oldest either ,for sure perfect match with the shirt.And another thing from Lelutka would be the [Lelutka]-Matusalen jacket Unisex/ dark .I would recommend you all to get this items …Oh and almost forgot the hair is from Lelutka and is named [LeLutka]-DREW 2.0 Dark Blonde.

The last things for today's style card is the new release from PIXELFASHION the breathtaking heels named Oshun .As you can see they come in many colors so for sure it would be affordable to buy a fat pack .Just visit the store and take a look at this new release.

So that's all for today's style card .Don't forget Lelutka and PIXELFASHION are the store who provided us with the items to create such a impressive style .Follow the slurl to their store .Love you,xoxo Ama

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-

Shirt: [LeLutka]-INFANTERIA Shirt Cream-Lelutka/Designer:-Lelutka Staff
Available at the Lelutka Mainstore

Skirt: [Lelutka]-Naomi skirt Dark-Lelutka/Designer:-Lelutka Staff
Available at the Lelutka Mainstore

Jacket: the [Lelutka]-Matusalen jacket Unisex/ dark -Lelutka/Designer:-Lelutka Staff
Available at the Lelutka Mainstore

Hair: [LeLutka]-DREW 2.0 Dark Blonde-Lelutka/Designer:-Lelutka Staff
Available at the Lelutka Mainstore

Shoes(FATPACK): Oshun- PIXELFASHION/Designer:- amandine Arai
Available at the PIXELFASHION Mainstore

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