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GIA Style Card//Just Fabulous

Posted in Fashion Review, Featured News, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style News, Style of the Day, Women Fashion @ 4:33 am on June 13th, 2011 by Alyce Genira | 265 views

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Alyce is here today with some new releases from the virtual world called Second Life .This is probably one of my best looks every presented on GIA blog ,thanks to the designers who provided me first class items .I hope you will enjoy it.

Probably you are asking yourself from where I got this fantastic outfit .It is of course Adam n Eve designed call Cora Black. Even if I am wearing the business suit version you must know that you will be able to mix and match the items from this set creating different looks .That's why I enjoy their designs ,not expensive at all and you can wear it in many styles. So if you consider yourself an elegant lady I totally recommend you to visit their mainstore .

After I visited their store I asked myself “How can I leave without presenting one of their shoes too?” And of course I contacted again the designers who gave me the pair of heels called New Yorkers Polar White .Even if I am presenting one color ,you must know that at their mainstore you will be able to find many others.

A very hard thing to do in second life is to find a very good looking hair .It took me hours until I arrived at the store called .:EMO-tions .I was like OMFG when I saw all that hairs .Hundreds of good looking hairs .Since I wanted to create a business look I decided to wear * YVONNE * /black a short hair style that looks very good with a white shirt and a short black skirt.

And the last thing to talk about is the skin ,that I must confess that is imply felt in love with it since I saw it in the store. It's designed by miss Lara Hurley,the owner of Lara Hurley Skin Store. In this style card I am wearing Claire skin with red lips make up. The best thing about these skins are that you have it with both hairbase and non hairbase option .In the same time you have different tattoos that makes this look perfectly ,freckles version ,dark or blonde eyebrow and of course the cleavage . More skin tones you will be able to find at her store .

So let's see again who are the designers :Adam n Eve for the outfit and shoes ,EMO-tions for the hair and Lara for the skin .It's time for you to go shopping …Alyce Genira.

Credits Alyce Genira – GIA Stylist

Outfit : Cora Black — Adam n Eve /Designer: sachi Vixen & Damen Gorilla
Available at the Adam n Eve Mainstore

Shoes: New Yorkers Polar White — Adam n Eve /Designer: sachi Vixen & Damen Gorilla
Available at the Adam n Eve Mainstore

Hair: Yvonne Black – EMO-tions/Designer: Mirja Mills
Available at the EMO-tions Mainstore

Skin : Claire (Red Lips Version)/Pale Skin Tone – Lara Hurley Skins/Designer: Lara Hurley
Available at the Lara Hurley Mainstore

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