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GIA Style Card//Latex Girls..nice to meet you

Posted in Fashion Review, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Alert, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 9:18 am on January 26th, 2010 by amaliafoxtrot | 1,655 views

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Hello darlings.For today I have something very special,something unique that I am sure you don't see this to often. Before I got in the fashion world I ..let's say was one of that night club girls hehe. I got used wear latex and flirting with guys, until I discovered my fashionista side. Since then I left that life and started a new one ,full of glamour and high quality clothes.But anyway I felt like I have to create this style card,the bridge that connects me with the life top 6 latex outfits. I don't want to let you wait to let's what I have on my list…

Poses for this style card provided by Zeb& Sly Poses MainStore

-First store we are visiting is Graves ,owned by Jackie Graves.They create some fabulous latex outfits that will make you shine on the pole.I got from them the G163 Mirage that can be worn in a lot of styles to match your just about you what u want to wear.From the same store,to make my styling easier,I got that boots too ,named G157 Ring Boots — Black. The first thing you will love at them is their style .They look cool.really cool. So if you are looking for a fabulous latex outfit that will fit with this amazing pair of boots you should visit the Graves will enjoy it.

The Stuffs Presented are available at the Graves Mainstore

-The next thing we will talk about is another set of outfit-boots. I once visited the :)(: PIXELFASHION owned by amandine Arai and I got crazy after it. They create same amazing footwear one better then another.From there I got the :)(: Russ Dress Latex that can be worn with black style or transparency both of them looking great. I saw they've got a new release that let me with my mouth open ..the Ultimate Boots black.It looks so great and not just for this can match it with everything. So for sure the PixelFashion is one of my top stores.

The Stuffs Presented are available at the PixelFashion Mainstore

-As we go on we make another another store that you will love.They create some great latex outfits and boots , and the funny part is that they aren't very expensive. Aw Designs owned by Adrina Welders,is for sure another of my favorites. I got from there the Dominatrix Venetian red that like most of latex stuffs can be worn in different styles.And what matches better this style then the Bootlex Venetian red from the same store.They look incredible cool together..and you should own them both in your inventory If you name yourself a dominatrix *laughs*.So don't forget to add on your list AW Designs too.

The Stuffs Presented are available at the Aw Designes

-Our list continues with the lovely . Lusty store owned by Ashira Hax. I remember that my first dancer outfit was from their store..and it was a maid. I loved it so much that I think I still have it in my inventory.Anyway for today's list I got for you the !!Lusty!! Latex Nurse Black and white.They both look amazing,and the best part is that in the pack is included shoes for them in both colors : white & black. .Their's nothing that goes better on the stage than this outfit.But Lusty store hides on their shelves a lot of other interesting stuffs,one better then another .So my advice is not to forget to visit them too.

The Stuffs Presented are available at the

-We are almost at the end ,but I still have some secrets here.I went to a famous latex store too named [SINTIMACY] and owned by Istephanija Munro. And I was amazed because I loved most of her stuffs.But anyway I got for you the [SINTIMACY] Most Wanted Dress (Black) and I love it for sure. And you know how hard is to find a pair of boots that fits latex stuffs..but this dress comes with it in the pack.So isn't that great?Open the search button type Sintimacy and teleport to their is your lucky shopping time.

The Stuffs Presented are available at the

-And yes..sadly we are at the ending.but not before we take a tour of a very very well known latex store.. Latex Station owned by Chill3 Mills .It took me just some minutes to realize how friendly they are , and should I mention that they create some of the best stuff I saw?I got from her store the Full Latex Suit Nephania Black.And when they say full it means everything. The outfit comes with a skin that matches with the rest of the style ,and at her store are available for buying corsets that matches the nephania suit in other colors too.For sure that's a great don't forget Latex Station is open 24/7 for sure they deserve your attention.

The Stuffs Presented are available at the

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