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GIA Style Card//Military Girl

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Hey Glance International Agency .I missed you so much ,that's why I took time today to present you a lovely style from one of my favorite store .This style card will prove that even women from the army can look gorgeous and sexy .Are you ready to visit R.icielli mainstore ?They are a must see…

First of all let's talk about the outfit set .It is actually made from 3 different things : jacket ,top and high waist paints.All of them are very related to the “military” style especially the hat that I felt in love with .So the jacket is named GABRIELA militaryjacket /black ,and will go gorgeous with the top LARISSA minitop /black. There is one thing I love a lot ,and that are high waist paints .I would die for them ,I find them so sexy on any avatar . The one from the pictures are named GERMANOTTA highwaistpants /black .Ohh and almost forgot ,the lovely hat named COMMANDER hat /black. All this together will create the gorgeous style I made for you .I am not kidding you must get them.

Before ending this style card we should talk a bit about the skin too ,it's from the same store .I wanted to make a full .Ricielli card and I hope it looks great .The skin is named TUWA light ,and I chose make up number 2 because of the breathtaking red lips .Yea ,I am addicted to them ,makes a woman look so professional .I took from the same pack the hair attachment R.icielli – TUWA /light brown oh and the eyelashes are lovely too.

Ok I think that would be all for today's style card .I hope you are ready to spend some Linden $ on super quality items. That's why I invite you all today at R.icielli mainstore .Take care ,xoxo Ama.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-
Jacket : GABRIELA militaryjacket /black —R.iciellii/Designer: Fhara Acacia
Available at R.icielli Store

Minitop : top LARISSA minitop /black —R.iciellii/Designer: Fhara Acacia
Available at R.icielli Store

Pants : GERMANOTTA highwaistpants /black —R.iciellii/Designer: Fhara Acacia
Available at R.icielli Store

Hat : COMMANDER hat /black —R.iciellii/Designer: Fhara Acacia
Available at R.icielli Store

Skin: Tuwa make up 2- R.iciellii/Designer: Fhara Acacia
Available at R.icielli Store

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