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GIA Style Card//My boyfriend’s best look

Posted in Fashion Review, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 12:12 pm on November 30th, 2009 by admin | 81 views

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I love boys..i love them a lot,but sometimes they need so much help to look good.The truth is that I didn't have to much boyfriends in second life,but I always helped them to look good.Today I want to present you ,for me a special card,my first male style my boyfriend should guys go shopping and don't forget I am still waiting for my love haha.

I will start with the outfit that I got from Mimi's remember that I always love to shop from her female I decided why not to take a look at her male store too?Now as you can see I found some fantastic things that goes perfect together. ::GB::Jacket_Mens_Black is one of my favorite male's so sexy and in this way we can see the hot body of the guy toowrite it down as a must have darlings.Then we have the S121 SARTORIA DENIM PANTS..amazing jeans just for you to look no more searching for low quality jeans we have them here.Together ,combined they create this amazing look I made for you why not to visit's Mimi's Choice male store.

Omg did you heard?Unique Megastore has a new skin..after we felt in love with their female model collection she comes with a new fabulous skin for males named Jeffrey Skin ..belive me you will adore it ,it's fantastic.You can wear it in different types,with different's just about fitting it with your shape..and belive me it's so easy.In this style card,my male model is wearing the Jeffrey_M2_CH_by_Nany_Merlin..and I know girls he is so so hot.So my advice for you ,if you like new releases and if you like hot should visit Unique Megastore for bests^^

And the last thing I want to present you before I end this style card,is the lovely shoes that I got from B&G.Boys and girl store make some of the greates shoes in second life for women and guys..i only had the chance to present you the females one..but now is guys time.And there is nothing going better with this outfit than the fabulous B&G MAN SHOE AARON NEGROif you like shoes..and you are looking for one to match you should absolutely take a visit to B&G store they are the best

-Shops List-
Jacket: ::GB::Jacket_Mens_Black from MIMI’S Choice store
Avaible ONLY at Mimi’s Choise Male Store

Jeans: S121 SARTORIA DENIM PANTS – from MIMI’S Choice store
Avaible ONLY at Mimi’s Choise Male Store

Skin: New Jeffrey Male Skin/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Unique Megastore

Shoes: B&G MAN SHOE AARON NEGRO – B&G / Designer: Bg Planer
Available at B&G Mainstore

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