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GIA Style Card//Party!!

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Hello everyone.
I am very excited to present some things that I love ’em again.Besides the fact that I got these things, I will advise all my heart to take them because they are great for a sunny day,for a walk for a day where party it’s..
I made ​​this choice because I feel very happy because tomorrow I will be gone in real and I come home late at night,but it does not matter,so tomorrow I’ll have fun,together with family and friends,I’ll go somewhere where I wanted to go for long time..,so tomorrow is the big day.And i wannt you all to feel this this enormous happiness.
I wish you to have part of an enjoyable weekend.

1..Skin:BBC~{Amalia}~Make-up #1 | Monica Zemenis | Boom Boom Cherry |Boom Boom Cherry

2.Outfit: -*VoguE* Donna Casual ~ Red – | *Vogue* | zalyn.bailey | *Vogue*

3.Eyes:[the oBscene] Collection Contacts-005-RAPTOR | kuja.akina | the oBscene | the oBscene

Have a nice day!

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