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GIA Style Card//Pretty Girl

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Hello my favorite readers .I am still here, preparing many new posts for you .And since mesh came out ,I will try to use as much as possible these designes .That's why for today I have for you a top mesh release. It's time you read more about it ,in order to discovery what these things brings to second life.

First of all I must tell you that in my opinion ,mesh is going to change second life forever.But I have a feeling that tells me that is going to be in the good way .We will see more high quality items ,4x time more realistic and good looking .But on the other hand there is only one problem with mesh items ,you might have to adjust a bit your shape to match it .I saw many posts on my plurk page from friends that were really furious that they have to change their shape for this .Well to be honest ,for me it seems like the changes you have to do are really minor ones ,nothing that will affect A lot your shape .But of course ,if we are talking about a person with big breasts ,or body fat etc it might be something really annoying .I usually don't include links in my style cards , but I think it will be nice if you are willing to take some minutes and vote for this Jira

Anyway ,I am not doing this style card to talk about mesh ,is more to present a new must have release from Hucci .I love elegant dresses, I wear them most of time and when I saw this design at their mainstore I felt like I have to tell my blog readers about it .It is called ::HH:: Hucci Tripple Ruffle Mesh Mini Dress — Quarry .Even though I am showing you only one color ,you will be amazed to see that they release it in other colors too.The set comes in 3 different sizes + 3 different alphas to match them .So it makes your work a lot easier when we talk about fitting it with your shape .Ohhh ,and the details of the dress are amazing .Very very realistic and good looking .You must take a look at Hucci's Mesh mainstore for other releases(Don't forget you will need a viewer that actually supports mesh ,otherwise you won't be able to see this).

As you can see I tried to create an entire elegant style with this dress .Since I wanted to focus more on promoting the fabulous Hucci Tripple Ruffle Mesh Mini Dress ,I will write at my store credits only their slurl ,but under it you will have the name and item of the other stores too .Hope to see you soon as Hucci's mainstore for more mesh clothes .Take care ,xoxo Ama.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-
Dress: ::HH:: Hucci Tripple Ruffle Mesh Mini Dress (M) – Quarry- Hucci / Designer : Ebony Khan
Available at Hucci Mainstore

Other items:
Skin :Redgrave – 10 Pale Skin -Jenny- / *blue (light brows) *
Bag: Baiastice-Pida bag-ice_mod 1-resizable
Hair: *Plume* – Broadway/Golden
Shoes:Stiletto Moody- Bare Brigitte Sky&Black

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