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GIA Style Card//Red is for love

Posted in Fashion Review, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style of the Day, Women Fashion @ 12:31 pm on December 19th, 2009 by admin | 18 views

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Red is a color that describes romance.. heart everything that has something in common with love. And that's why it is one of my favorite colors. In today's style card I will show you one of my little tricks of how to look fabulous at a new year party wearing just high quality stuffs starting with Nicky Ree Dress, Jncy accessories ,Stiletto Moody Shoes, Sky Everett hair and Laqroki skin.. all together create the hot style of the day.

I will start like I always do with the dress ,that this times comes from a well known designer “Nicky Ree” .She is always in the top and I can't get out to a formal party without wearing one of her designs. Today I got for you the *DNR* Sheena Sequine Glitter Collection in Red that can be worn in 4 different styles : The Mini Dress Style; Short Dress Style ; Sheena Calf Length Glitter Dress Style and of course the Long Glitter Dress Style. It's just about you to select the style you want to be .it gives you the possibility to look hot ,glamorous or even very elegant. So if you are making a tour of Nicky's Ree store don't forget to look for this dress too.

It means a lot to wear high quality shoes. Because a girl looks as good as the shoes she wears so always try to make the perfect match. And do you know what is the best shoes store that goes with this lovely dress? No doubts.. Stiletto Moody. What I love at her designs? First they are high quality, second they are original ,third they are always in the top . Every girl who respects herself must have at least one pair of their shoes. In the picture I showed you the fabulous Stiletto Moody Bare Marlene (Badseed Red) .And since you know I love this..i never miss to wear the butterfly tattoo that I find it very elegant and the ankle bracelet that gives them a fierce style. That's the store I can name it High class… that's Stiletto Moody

Accessories can change the entire look .Find the best one and you are saved ,get the wrong one and you can stay all the night alone in your house. So since we wanted a elegant look I decided to wear some JCNY pearls.. and nothing is better then JCNY – Buckingham Pearl Collection Formal, it is even better then wearing diamonds that everyone knows they are so expensive .. so for searching the best jewelries make a tour of the JCNY store.. the best in it.

Hair styles? Sky Everett is my favorite designer for wired, sophisticated and high quality hairs. That's why today I went to her again and got this amazing hair. It is named Sky Everett Designs-Lady Sophia and It's one of her old releases that let me with my mouth open since I saw it. I don't know if it is the style or the very easy to fit of it..but there is just one word to say and that is PERFECT. So take a visit to the Sky Everett store, you won't regret she is one of the stars.

And now we are ending this glamorous style card with the skin .Everyone knows that I love this store and I use them a lot in my style card because of the very realistic face and the hot makes up. It is the Laqroki ~ Ania 04 [Peach] Glow skin that like always, I worn it with the hair base version .. it gives a good look to the hair.. and I am always waiting for new releases because I know it will be the best . So perfect skins can be found at only one store and that's Laqroki.

I want to give you all a big hug and hope you liked today's very long style card. I am sure that the designers I presented will be happy if you will visit their store.. simply because they are the best of second life .

Amalia Foxtrot

-Shops List-

Dress:*DNR* Sheena Sequine Glitter Collection in Red – DNR / Designer : Nicky Ree
Available at Nicky Ree Mainstore

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Marlene (Badseed Red) Upgrade-Stiletto Moody/Designer —Stiletto Moody
Available at Stiletto Moody mainstore

Pearls : then JCNY – Buckingham Pearl Collection Formal- JCNY / Designer :JD Hansen
Available at JCNY Store

Skin the Laqroki ~ Ania 04 [Peach] Glow skin —Laqroki
Available at Laqroki Mainstore

Hair: Sky Everett Designs-Lady Sophia -— Sky Everett/ Sky Everett
Available at Sky Everett store

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