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GIA Style Card//Shine Like a Diamond

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Good Evening my favorite readers .I am back with more new releases from second life which I hope you will enjoy .Itís time to take out your long elegant dresses and gorgeous hairstyles because we are going to try on some new formal styles.

Baiastice is without any doubts one of my favorite fashion designer in the virtual world .99% of the time I wear their creations and I canít tell you how happy I am when my google reader informs me that they released something new .

This new release left me speechless .Even though Sissy released many new stuffs ,I decided to first present to you my favorite one .The long dress is named Mana and itís the perfect for an elegant party .It comes in many colors so itís really your choice which one you want to wear.

Also another new release which goes perfectly with Mana dress are the new gloves named Velvet .I am a huge fan of gloves(both in real life and second life) so I canít tell you how happy I was when I saw this new release . Like the dress many colors are waiting for you.

I really canít wait what it will be Baiasticeís next release .Until then we should all take a look at these creations at her mainstore .See you there!

Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot
GIA/Head Stylist
GIA/Director of Designers Liaison
GIA/A-list Group Manager

-Shops List-

Dress: Mana Fat Pack-Baiastice / Designer : Sissy Pessoa
Available at Baiastice Store

Gloves: Velvet Fat Pack-Baiastice / Designer : Sissy Pessoa
Available at Baiastice Store

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