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GIA Style Card//Shopping Day!

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Yay!Is a new day, and today I went shopping..I walked in stores long and wide..without fatigue.It was a special feeling, after many days of work, and work, and work.I allowed at least once a week to go shopping after work, to relax,Because as we all know, nothing is more relaxing than a day shopping in our favorite stores.

1.Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. Prida(2)LB/winter |.::Mother Goose’s::.| milok.hermit
2.Finger Tapes: ::Duh!:: Finger Tapes with Nails — Black |::Duh!| renee.harvy
3.Glasses:DECO – Swank Glasses — Coconut | DECO | betlog.hax
4.Poses: Mime/Binoculars + DM – Mime/Look out (variant) | del.may |Del May
5.Shape:Sophistishapes – ARIANNA eyebrows+shapes | Sophia Rossen | Sophistishapes

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One Response to “GIA Style Card//Shopping Day!”

  1. Renee Harvy says:

    Adorable. Love the shopping/hunting theme :)

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