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GIA Style Card//That girl is hot

Posted in Fashion Review, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Alert, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 12:19 pm on January 20th, 2010 by admin | 12 views

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Hey darlings , I have today a very very special style card that to be honest is hard to write. I am going to show you a fabulous new release from Beauty avatar store in 2 colors,and of course a pair of stiletto moody's same as the outfit in 2 colors.Anyway sad news come now.. is not easy for me either to say it..but our beloved store BA has closed during this week. I know that are horrible news because I loved their store, the staff were my friends ,got used to work with them and even had tear in my eyes when my lovely omnia told me this. We need to accept the reality and pass over it, even if one of sl's major store disappeared we must admit they marked second life fashion history.

So what did they have so new and that I loved so much? Julia outfit ..I like to say that it is inspired from the Belle de Jour writer ,even if is not lol ,because it combines 3 different styles in one : elegance, sexy and casual.In the picture you can see 2 version of the outfit,on the right is Julia in Black and on the left Julia in Red..both of them amazing styles that I will never forget. They brought me a smile on my face when they were released ,for sure a top design in second life.

I still wanted to continue with Beauty avatar and that's why I used their skin too. I decided to use Zeta because it fits better with my shape then Daphne and because I find some pretty amazing makes up that will fit with this.For the red style I decided to wear a very dark red lips because it makes it look mysterious and for the black one something simple with a little of black around the eyes to make it look even more elegant. ^^ For sure this Zeta skin must remain in my inventory for is a memory ..a memory I loved a lot.

At the end we have to make another big step ..and talk about another store…the shoe designer. It's enough to see them and you already know what they are..Stiletto Moody's .I saw this shoes since I started collaborating with their store,but was waiting for the perfect outfit to present them with it…and here it is. I am wearing the Stiletto Moody Bare Ava Gold in Badseed red Color & Stiletto Moody Bare Ava Gold in Black color..both with an amazing style. The thing I loved at it is the perfect texture,and the very good looking spikes that gives it a very fierce style.You can see that both colors looks amazing .. is more just about the outfit you want to wear them with it.And the best part at Moody's shoes is that they are easy to use and very easy to match the skin.So if you like high quality shoes you shouldn't miss this from your inventory ,they are fabulous.

We are almost at the end of this very interesting card..and that's the hair. It is designed by a big hair designer..Truth Hawks. But is not a new release at one of my first hairs on this blog but I must say that I am in love with it. Julie — auburn is available in different colors at his mainstore ,one better then another.So my advice is to use the teleport button and go to their remade mainstore looks amazing.

I am ending today's style card with the 2 lovely poses I used both of them from Zeb&Sly. With the black outfit(right) I used the FEMALE S86 STAND and with the red outfit(left) it is used the FEMALE S97 STAND. Zeb&sly are known for high quality poses,most of models buy their poses from there.. so if you want to look great then you should go and get something from their store too.

-Shops List-

Outfits:Julia in Red & Julia in Black -Beauty Avatar-/Designer-BA Staff
Available as a new release at the Beauty Avatar Store

Skin: Skin Zeta in 2 different makes up -Beauty Avatar-/Designer-BA Staff
Available at the Beauty Avatar Store

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Ava Gold in Badseed red & Black-Stiletto Moody/Designer —Stiletto Moody
Available at Stiletto Moody mainstore

Hair: Julie — auburn. -Truth/Designer-Truth Hawks
Available at TRUTH

Poses list:

Pose(right): Z&S FEMALE S86 STAND —Zeb& Sly
Available at Zeb&Sly Pose Store

Pose(left): Z&S FEMALE S97 STAND —Zeb&Sly
Available at Zeb&Sly Pose Store

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