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GIA Style Card//The Angel of Fashion

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Sometimes when I see people designing vintage releases like this one that I am presenting in today's style card ,I feel like I we are cut from the same cloth.Vintage clothes always inspire me ,that's why I choose as a title of today's post “Angel of Fashion” ,inspired from “Angel of Music”-Phantom of the Opera musical. I always feel like we have enough short skirts in second life to cobble dogs with. That's why every time I meet a designer I tell them to create something unique,something avant garde ,of course it's great to get inspired from real life as long as your touch is visible in the design .

As you might know ,the designer of this outfit is Baiastice .She is a top brand in second life .I could easily prove you that when we say Baiastice we immediately say high quality stuffs too .Everything in this store looks perfect .This dress was released at the Vintage Fair,but I am really proud to have the chance to present it to you in many colors.

To be honest I heard about Florance outfit(because under this name you will find it in the virtual world) on bush telegraph. I have many friends in second life that are interested in fashion ,and heard about this dress while we were gossiping and drinking a coffee in a virtual pub.

As you might see from the pictures the outfit comes in 2 different styles:one is very elegant,and the other one is more young style.But that's not all .You can get it in 4 colors ,each of them unique in their own way: red,blue,brown and black.I think you should put all of them on your shopping list.

I don't want to make anyone feel bad, but at this time there are many dark horses in second life.I know how hard they work ,but only a few of them can get as far as Baiastice did .She is fantastic even at designing shoes.I wanted something to fit the red version of Florance outfit,so I immediately spotted the gorgeous pair of heels called Nicki-Ankle Boots [red].Many other colors waiting for you at their mainstore.

To be honest as a stylist of a famous agency like Glance International I can't cut to the chase when we talk about clothes .I always have eagle eyes when I have to check an outfit ,but I can tell you that Baiastice it's just perfect .So before I finish this post,don't forget that vintage clothes never go out of fashion ,just get your lindens ready!.Take care ,xoxo Ama.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-
Outfits: Florance Fatpack-Baiastice / Designer : Sissy Pessoa
Available at Baiastice Store

Shoes: Nicki Ankle Boots(red)-Baiastice / Designer : Sissy Pessoa
Available at Baiastice Store

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