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GIA Style Card//The Queen is back

Posted in Fashion Review, Featured News, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style News, Style of the Day, Women Fashion @ 12:32 pm on August 11th, 2011 by amaliafoxtrot | 78 views

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Hello everybody .How was your day?I just came from the spa and I am feeling awesome ,I feel like I would be able to work on style cards for hours without getting bored or tired.That's why for today I am bringing you top designers from second life in this first class style cards .Get ready to hear more…

First of all let's talk about the dresses,designed by the well known Nicky Ree. She is the best when talking about formal dresses. She always amazes me with her talent .For today I am bringing you the gorgeous dress called DNR Butterfly Gold .As you can see you have 3 different versions that you can wear .So without doubts this design deserver every single L$. It's simply one of the best .Don't forget to visit Nicky Ree's mainstore.

Next thing we have is the awesome hair designed by Plume and called Broadway a vintage elegant hair that totally matches the style .I can't stop myself not talking about the jewelry set designed by the fabulous Alienbear and called Gold Princess Rosana Neckalce and ear rings .You can get the princess crown too ,but I preferred to leave it out for this style card.

Oh and we shouldn't forget about the shoes that are a new release and in the same time a must have by Stiletto Moody .You know she is preparing many new releases for us and I am always happy to have the chance to take a look at them .But I totally felt in love with this pair called Bauhaus.Again a perfect job done by Stiletto Moody and her hardworking manager Dancer Dallagio.

And the last thing to talk about is the skin. You must know that I am a big fan of Redgrave .I always go crazy when I see new releases,as all of them look perfect. Today I am bringing you the skin called Jenny pale with make up “kajal” .I think this is a good evidence to show you that you simply must love Redgrave.

So if you enjoyed this style card ,I want to invite you to take a look at the credits list and get your linden's ready for shopping .See you soon ,xoxo Ama.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-
Dress: DNR Butterfly.- DNR / Designer : Nicky Ree
Available at Nicky Ree Mainstore

Jewelries : Gold Princess Rosana – Alienbear / Designer :Alienbear Gupte
Available at the AlienBear mainstore

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bauhaus – Stiletto Moody/Designer —Stiletto Moody
Available as a new release at the Stiletto Moody mainstore

Hair: Broadway —Plume/Designer: Lulu Jameson & Fauve Beaumont
Available at Plume mainstore

Skin: Jenny Pale —Make up *“kajal (Light Brows)-Redgrave/Designer:-Redgrave Team
Available at the Redgrave Mainstore

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