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GIA Style Card//The Stylish Girl

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Hey girls..let me tell you a short story. A girl was coming at work, she opened the car door and with elegant steps came at her office.She licked her red lips as she opened the office door. She was wearing a fabulous brown business dress bought from Tres Beau Store.That's what I want to show you today , how a girl can look fabulous at work with only some items.. and believe me this will be your favorite style card if you spend a lot of time at your office(like me hehe).Anyway I will pass over this short introduction and I want to show u where fashion begins..

Tres Beau is a well known store all around second life. Kimmera Madison represents one of second life's major fashion designer. She creates some of the best wedding dresses that every girl dreams to wear it at least once.. but at her big store she has some let's say other style of outfits this one that is very related to business. When I got it I was really happy..i really need something to wear at work and this saved my day.

It is named Tres Beau “Delia” Camel and is available at their mainstore .. and believe me you won't regret having this in your inventory.The best part is that you can wear it in 3 different style..depends on your mood hehe.And that lovely hat is included too ,so it gives u a very stylish look.So my advice from the that you should visit the Tres Beau mainstore and get some of their outfits..they create must have items .

A lot of people ask me from where I got that shoes..well is the newest release of N-core shoes.They are named N-core SOUL XtremeHeel II and u will love it because of that fabulous gems. I recommend u to get the fatpack version like I did because in this way you can change the color of the shoes in what color you want or need to fit with the outfit.Don't forget that N-core has a lot other style of shoes at their mainstore,so for sure you should take a visit and see which one fits you the best.

There is one hair designer who never stops to amaze me..even if she doesn't release to much hairs ..the one she did are fabulous. She is for sure a second life major designer that never stops to amaze us..her name is Sky Everett..and I am proud to have the chance to collaborate with her.In today's style card I am wearing the Sky Everett Designs-Kiera hair W/BANGS on black..but at her store you can find the same hair without bangs.

And the last thing we have for today is the skin.Since it was released every girl wanted to get it, for sure at the moment is the most searched skin Tasha2 from Laqroki store. Available in a lot of skin tones and full pack of makes up at a low is for sure a must have in your inventory.I am wearing the 10th make up and I love it.You should get this too.

So that's what we had for today a lovely Tres Beau business oufit..N-core fabulous shoes..high quality Sky Everett hair and realistic Laqroki Skin..Enjoy shopping girls<3 Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-

Dress: Tres Beau “Delia” Camel ” /Designer: Kimmera Madison
Available at Tres Beau Mainstore

Shoes- N-core SOUL XtremeHeel II -Fatpack — N-core
Available at N-core Store

Hair: Sky Everett Designs-Kiera hair W/BANGS — Sky Everett/ Sky Everett
Available at Sky Everett store

Skin : LAQ ~ Tasha2 [Peach] Glow skins 10th -Laqroki
Available at Laqroki Store

Poses List:

Pose(left): Z&S FEMALE Z40 STAND -Zeb&Sly/Designer-Zeb&Sly
Available at Zeb& Sly Pose Store

Pose(Right): Z&S FEMALE S63 STAND -Zeb&Sly/Designer-Zeb&Sly
Available at Zeb& Sly Pose Store

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