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GIA Style Card//Venomous Love

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Hey guys ! I became so obsessed with playing with different tricks in photoshop ,I hardly can stop myself doing new blog post . Let me show you what I’ve got for today.

I got this design a week ago ,but I waited for the designer to move it in his mainstore .I am talking about the Diesel Work set named “Serpent” .It actually is a hud which gives you the possibility to rez different snakes .By sitting on the snake you have the chance to discover the fabulous poses designed by Rogan Diesel .The snakes are also scripted so you can change their texture .There are many other poses available ,I presented to you just some of them .

This blog post is also full of new releases .For example I had the chance to get my hands on a beautiful Belleza skin named “Mya” on pale .I can’t tell you how much I am in love with this product .The one featured in today’s style card is also my favorite make up .I couldn’t keep myself away from taking a face shoot and use it as my profile picture .This is without doubts a must have.

I had to wear something simple that doesn’t cover my entire body ,so you can see easier those beautiful snakes .For that I got a swimming costume from Baiastice named Maua .It’s not a new release but I think we all agree that it looks really good.

Ending today’s style card with the shoes which were designed by Redgrave .They are named Carrie and I recommend you all to get a fatpack so you can customize them a lot easier . Also don’t forget about the hair which is a Truth design named Vicky ,simply loving this hair.

I have to run now .Good luck shopping and don’t forget to check the blog daily for more releases.

Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot
GIA/Head Stylist
GIA/Director of Designers Liaison
GIA/A-list Group Manager

-Shops List-
Snake & Poses : Serpent–Rogan Diesel / Designer : Diesel Work
Available at Diesel Work Mainstore

Swimwear: Maua Black-Baiastice / Designer :Sissy Pessoa
Available at Baiastice Store

Skin: Mya Pale ,make up 1 /Pale Version-Belleza/Designer :Tricky Boucher
Available at the Belleza Mainstore

Shoes: Carrie Fatpack – Redgrave/Designer:-Redgrave Team
Available at the Redgrave Mainstore

Hair: Vicky w/Roots (mirage) -Truth / Designer : Truth Hawks
Available at Truth Mainstore

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