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GIA Style Card//White Diamonds

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Diamonds are girl’s best friends..and I am one of that girls that fall in love with every kind of stuffs that includes diamonds too.In today's style card I will teach you how to style up some very hot diamonds and a baiastice dress with the fabulous white stiletto moody shoes..Join me in this amazing style card and be ready to go shopping after that.

I will start with a big store,that it's name is everywhere .They represent the main fashion in second life, glamorous , stylish and even sexy..Baiastice is always on the top. In today's style card I got the chance to present one of her newest release that I must confess you it looks fabulous. White dresses goes perfect with this season and with the right stuffs it can look extremely elegant .The dress is named Baiastice-Diamond dress and how you can see from the pictures it looks unique and very high class.For a more expensive look I recommend you to buy the Baiastice_Diamonds eyebrows.. they will add a bit of glamour on your face too.The question is you dare to wear it?

Shoes are one of the most important things in a girl's life. Personally I love to buy shoes every week both in real life and second life. Anyway there is a store in sl that never stops to amaze me. They are the store who made second life's shoes one of the most fabulous and wanted stuffs. In today's style card I wanted to wear some elegant heels as the dress looks very high class, so I decided to try the Stiletto Moody Bare Lauren (White) . And to give them a bit of fierce style because at the end elegance looks good as long as it has some sexy parts in it too, I advice you to get the upgrade version too and play with the tattoos and with the fabulous ankle bracelet. As I said a girl is as hot as the shoes she chose, and they always look great as long as you like them. Stiletto Moody is the main shoes designer in second life and that's why I invite you to visit her mainstore and see what art means.

We are making another step and talk a bit about that very sophisticated hair that fits amazing at a formal party full of elegance. The store from where I got it it's not a secret ,it's too famous. .it's Sky Everett. Sky is one of the top hair designer I met and I had the chance to work with and I am really honored about that. This is not a new release but it always made me use it a lot in my style cards ,it has a look that made me get crazy . It is named Sky Everett Designs-Kiera black W/lights and can be found at the store with or without bangs .So if you want to have a original haircut then visit Sky Everett ,she will save you.

We are ending this style card with one of the most lovely skins I saw in second life. It looks so good and when you think it was created by Laqroki is impossible to say no to it. When I saw that they released LAQ ~ Ania [Peach] I think I was one of the most happiest avatar because it looks awesome. I showed it to you all and I am sure you enjoyed it a lot.Anyway I wanted for today the face to look a bit more not really dark..but in a way to make it shine.So I worn the LAQ ~ Ania 03 [Peach] Glow skin..and believe me nothing is better then this. So no more looking for the greatest skin because Laqroki will always be here

-Shops List-

Dress: Baiastice-Diamond dress -Baiastice / Designer : Sissy pessoa
Available at Baiastice Store

Diamond Eyebrows: Baiastice_Diamonds eyebrows -Baiastice / Designer : Sissy pessoa
Available at Baiastice Store

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Lauren (White) Upgrade-Stiletto Moody/Designer —Stiletto Moody
Available at “>Laqroki Mainstore

Hair:- Sky Everett Designs-Kiera black -— Sky Everett/ Sky Everett
Available at Sky Everett store

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