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GIA Style of the week 27/06/09

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Hello guys ! Today I will not present the style of the day, I will present the style of the week. This dress on the photo is more a formal one and the look is made of different new releases from some of SL's best designers. Be prepared to discover what kind of fashion treasures they delivered this week.

The first designer we will talk about is the famous Nicky Ree, designer of the eponymous brand. Yes, you heard well I am talking about a breathtaking Nicky Ree gown. I made a tour around the shop, looking at all the exquisite dresses and fight to focus on finding just one, the perfect one. The latest release have been catching my attention the most and I went for it, it is called *DNR* Water Nymph Adrie, in red. This elegant, fair gown will make you shine in the ballroom. This intricate design surely does set the standards of classiness in SL.

If you want to add sexy touches to this notable ensemble, I would recommend you to wear the second top that comes in the *DNR* Water Nymph Adrie set. This optional shirt will indeed show off your belly to make you feel and look sexy. Nicky have been very generous for this creation and included an other great surprise in the set : a matching lingerie ensemble. If you take your skirt off, you will discover delicious lingerie pieces that will make you the hottest creature around… I will let you (and your boyfriend? *wink*) discover by yourself how it is looking like. To me, Nicky Ree is a multitalented designer who help us to make our SL experience more stylish every day, it is the kind of shops that you must know on the grid.

At first I wanted to wear some pearls with this dress but then I decided to wear some elegant diamonds — no surprise since you know I am a diamond-a-holic. That is why I went to the renowned JCNY shop, owned by Miss JD Hansen. There, I tried to find a precious jewelry set that would fit my dress and have been tempted at every step. I have been attracted by the JCNY — Northstar Romantica, Diamond Formal Set. I think it simply looks amazing with long, notable gowns. Since my Nicky Ree dress comes with red gloves, I have been careful on selecting the ring that would be worn over it. JCNY was once again the perfect place to find it : I selected few minutes later the JCNY — Starway to Heaven. Believe me, together with the dress the ensemble is simply stunning. You will get a red carpet look within minutes. Whatever are your jewelry needs and preferences, JCNY is the absolute shop to check out in terms of high-quality and sophisticated accessories.

We aren't done yet! Do not go shopping before the end of this style card, haha! It is now time to talk about the hair style. Today, I wanted something excusive, that would fit the dress and in the same time bring it to a new style level. I found this at the hair salon named Vanity Hair, owned by our beloved veteran GIA Top Model Tabata Jewell. I was amazed by one of her newest designs, the Babilone cut. A gigantic hairstyle with adorable bows intertwined in the hair do. I litteraly died for the bows. On a simple click, you can change their color so they match your outfit better; I am presenting here the red tone. Once again, Miss Jewell proves that we will have to count with her in the virtual hairstyle scene. Her talent leads her to create unusual hairstyles which are perfect for the runway and the avatar who wants to spice up her look. You have to check the entire collection with your own eyes : they do really rock.

To go with my long gown, my diamond jewelry set and the atypical hairstyle I am presenting today, I have been in the look for a pale skin tone. I have been lucky to find it at a well-named shop, Your skin & Your shape owned and designed by the fashionista Monyka Benelli and Monicuzza Babenco. From what I saw in the store, this is a hype shop with tons of choices for the demanding and stylish female avatar. My skin tone is the Nina Catrouge. I love the red, sensual lipstick and the thin, dark eyebrows. If you do not know where to go to complete an outfit in a modish way, the shop Your skin & Your shape will provide you with what you need.

The last touch to this look will be about the shoes. I think the best color that fits the dress is red that is why I paid a visit to one of my favorite shoes shop named N-Core. Since I know the store by heart, I didn't have to look around for a while to find the perfect pair. Their latest release, *N-Core INFINITY XtremeHeel* comes in dozen of colors besides red. I love the gold bracelet pending on the ankle. This bracelet shows off a “N” for “N-Core.” This shop is definitely one of the best places to go to get a look at how impossible could virtual shoes be! I personally crave for their designs.

Now that you have in your wardrobe an upscale gown by Nicky Ree, an inimitable JCNY diamond jewelry set, a beautiful Vanity Hair cut, matching and somptuous body parts from “Your skin & Your shape” and ultra feminine N-Core heels. The perfect look to walk down the carpet like a socialite. Enjoy 😉

Credits :
Photo and fashion review by Amalia Foxtrot, GIA Stylist

[Style Card]
Skin: Nina Catrouge -Your skin & Your shape
Hair: Babilone -Tabata Jewell
Dress: *DNR* Water Nymph Adrie red -Nicky Ree
Shoes:*N-Core INFINITY XtremeHeel* – N-core
Necklace & Earrings: Northstar Romantica, Diamond Formal Set -JCNY
Ring: Starway to Heaven. – JCNY

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