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GIA Style Of The Week//Hot and ready to party..

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I love when the weekend comes,especially when it’s saturday because is time to present the Style of the Week.This time i selected some top designers and combined a older Addoro dress with a Sky Everett New Release,but you will have to read this note to get more information about it..enjoy the reading.

Addoro is one of the best italian designers,she created the most lovely outfits in sl,and this time she amazed me again.I was looking for a new outfit for this style of the week,and after i visited Addoro i found it,the *.*! Addoro !*.*_Kira .The outfit comes with a lot of bracelets[hand and leg]and the best part is made from a lot of leopard fur[and i am in love with all kind of furs and feathers] .So after just one look i decided Kira from Addor is the best.

Then i realized that Addoro creates shoes too,so i decided to use one of them.I saw some shoes with leopard texture,but finally i decided to stay on something a bit more special named *.*! Addoro !*.*_PavoneShoes.I liked them since the first time i saw them at the store,so it was time for them to get on the website.You should take a look at Addoro style because she has some amazing designs.

You know Sky Everett right?She is the biggest hair designer in second life.And if you realized,in the last weeks she had a lot of new released,including the Duchess hair that was presented in the last week style card[She is the designer that we always keep for the style of the week].This time she prepared for us the hair named Hair Sky Everett Designs-Princess Liante (full set) Silver,that made me feel like i am in the future,and flying around the space.It comes with all the accessories,crown,ear rings ,necklace ,wrist everything in the pack.

This is not going to be a long style card,as we present only the main designer,but this time we have again Unique Megastore too ,that helped us with the skin.In the card i am wearing the Afrodite A3 M5 by Nany Merlin,and i find it really nice for this style because of that black make up,not very sophisticated but amazing for what we are looking for.So Unqiue Megastore gets another point for best skin designer

And now is time for me to finish the style of the week,that presents best look from this week,but you should remember that Addoro still has some others outfits too,Sky Everett is known for her amazing hairs and Unqiue Megastore is always working on new skins,so why not to take a look at their designs?
-Shop List-
Dress : Kira — Addoro — Mew Denimore
Available at Addoro Store

Shoes:: PavoneShoes— Addoro — Mew Denimore
Available at Addoro Store

Skin: Afrodite A3 M5 – UNIQUE MEGASTORE/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Unique Megastore

Hair:- Sky Everett Designs-Princess Liante Silver— Sky Everett/ Sky Everett
Available at

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