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GIA Style Of The Week//The Duchess

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Hello everyone.I am honored that i am allowed to present this look,that changed my life since i saw it.Today we are not going to talk about the usual style we have the best part of the week..the look that you must die for it..the look that can change your life..because today we are going to present the Style of the Week.A style inspired from different books,even movies..a look that can make us leave the modern life,and travel in time,that can make us be the best of a party..because the Duchess is coming..

She is the subject of all conversations,her look inspired the greatest personalities of her time,her unique look inspired all the designer..the Duchess.How you already saw the first thing we are going to talk about that fantastic Black Dress.You may deduce by yourself because of it’s high quality,and it’s realist look that i got it from the amazing Nicky Ree mainstore.It is one of the best dresses i ever seen.I wanted something special for this style card,not the usual long dress,wanted something to really look like a Duchess,something to fit the hair and the accessories and i found it.*NR* Swan Lake Dream Black can be found at Nicky Ree mainstore,and my advice is to buy it too.The best thing is that you can play around mix and match some stuffs in the pack and transform the duchess look in a ballerina or all the look you are thinking of.It’s amazing easy to use ,in just some minutes you can change your look for your entire virtual life.If you want to get back in the victorian times,if you want to be a Duchess and if you want to be the soul of a party,you should run as soon as possible to the Nicky Ree mainstore,look for this dress and buy it.It will be your chance to a duchess life..

How all of us know,having a great victorian dress is not enough to be a duchess.Everyone can buy that but we need something else..something that will scream”I am the true Duchess”..and that is the hair.How many of us know long time ago,the regal family and rich people had a very sophisticated hair style..a look that we are looking for.And do you know where we can start to search for that?It can’t be easier than this..with a simple visit to a famous store named Sky Everett.She has one of the best hairs in second life,and she never stops working at new one.She impress us with every new release,we are amazed when we see it,and in love when we own it.That’s what i did this time too,i went to her mainstore and looked for something to fit my look.And you won’t belive how easy was that.I saw that she has a New Release,so i thought maybe i should see it too,it may be something who will help me sometimes..and sock,i found the The Wayward of the piece we were missing from the Duchess Puzzle.You will love the feathers from the hair,and the beauty mark that comes in the same pack it’s so amazing.You get some flower hair ornament too so you can look even better with them.It’s so fantastic,and all the people who i showed this hair style were amazed and went to buy it.Why don’t you make the same?It’s your turn to visit Sky Everett mainstore.

We still go on with another fantastic piece the necklace and ear rings.How you may know ,usually the duchess were wearing a lot of expensive things and the accessories were one of them.Even if we love diamonds they won’t fit to much with our style,the pearls will rock the best.And that’s what i went to look for.Easier than you can think,because at the JCNY mainstore i found exactly what i need.After some tours of her shop[because all her designs are amazing] i found the first piece we were looking for the pearls necklace .With the name of JCNY – Buckingham Pearl Collection Necklace ,they can be found at their mainstore and is the best choose for this look.But after we got the necklace we still have to look for something else too..the amazing ear rings.Same shop for that too,because JCNY – Marie Juliet, Ladies Diamond Earrings where hid there too.I felt in love with how the necklace looked with the Hair and with the long black dress.Isn’t it amazing? Jcny is waiting for you all the time because that’s the part where the queens get their jewelries.

We have some other accessories too that you will love a bracelet and a ring.If we want to search for this thing,we will have first to look for something more victorian,not the usual full of diamonds and big rings and bracelets,something simple..something inspired from the past.And you can make a visit to the V_V Design Emporium.I was amazed by their creations of the empire of jewelries.There i found this amazing ring named Victoria Ring P ,and the bracelet isn’t a secret neither.In the same shop i was looking for the bracelet too,something simple and victorian how i said.You won’t belive how simple it was because the Victoria Bracelet P,from the same set like the ring will be the perfect choice for this.Again i advice you all to go and take a look at their shop ,they are waiting for you..

We are almost at the end some more things to talk about and finish,but until that i want to tell you about the skin too.Wearing a tan skin will destroy our look,so we need something a bit more pale like the skin in the picture.And the place to start with this is the Soul mainstore.They are the paradise of skins,high quality and realistic one.It is a pleasure to take a tour of her shop and see what’s new.As for this style card i used the Ethnic one-German because i loved how it was fitting the style i created and because it was a bit more pale than any other.Very white skin will make you look like a try to stay on Pale skins.Like the other shops i presented today,soul has always new releases and you should visit her shop take a look at her ethnic skins and don’t forget about the model one Tiffany and Sasha,both rock ^^.

I am so sad to tell you that this is the last thing we are going to talk about before we end the style of the week,but i’ll have to pass over it.The shoes are a very important thing too.We won’t be able to use extremely high heels,because than we won’t look anymore as a duchess.We need something simple..and for that i made a visit to one of the most known shop about that Boys and girls [B&G] .The truly paradise of shoes.I some minutes i found exactly what i was looking for ,B&G WOMAN SHOE BETSY – NEGRO.It’s amazing because it is not very sophisticated,and in the same time i got it on black to fit the rest of the outfit.You will see that with this shoes you will look like a real duchess .Of course you shouldn’t forget that they have a lot of other amazing shoes too,so you should take a look at all of them.

What i showed you today was the style of the Week,the look that rocks all this week.We made it with the help of the biggest name in second life starting with Nicky Ree who helped us with the dress,Sky everett presenting us her newest hair ,Jcny with amazing pearls necklace and ear rings,V_V Design Emporium with a lovely victorian ring and bracelet,Soul Skin with the pale skin we were looking for to fit the look and B&G who saved our life by letting us use one of their designs that i am sure you loved.But there comes a question..are you the Duchess we are looking for?

-Shop List-

Dress : *NR* Swan Lake Dream Black- DNR / Designer : Nicky Ree
Available at Nicky Ree Mainstore

Hair:-The Wayward Dutchess (hair w/headdress)— Sky Everett/ Sky Everett
Available at Sky Everett Mainstore

Necklace:Buckingham Pearl Necklace – JCNY / Designer : JD Hansen
Available at JCNY Store

Ear Rings: Marie Juliet, Ladies Diamond Earrings- JCNY / Designer : JD Hansen
Available at JCNY Store

Ring and Bracelet: Victoria Set- – V_V/ Designer : Jess Saiman
Available at V_V Store

Skin:German female Skin- Soul Skins/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Soul Mainstore

Shoes WOMAN SHOE BETSY – NEGRO – B&G / Designer: Bg Planer
Available at B&G Mainstore


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