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IFW10 Style Review // Naive

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GLANCE International Agency (GIA) put together the International Fashion Week 2010 (IFW10) recently, the event was hosted on the half of the sim “Glance” and was built by Chloris Hathor for who I have a lot of admiration. Her building skills and custom textures are impressive, the IFW10 Mall is definitely a place that you should check out!

Today I’m presenting an executive chic look from Naive by Leah McCullough, an IFW10 participating designer. This business look presents an immaculate hair cut with sophisticated fringre from Armidi; a tight, pearl jacket with short sleeves and slight V-neck cleavage and a high waist, pastel pink pencil skirt topped with an irresisitble ribbon. The ribbon definitely adds a cute touch to the ensemble that is more strict.

Pair this ensemble with impossible high heels by Stiletto Moody in glossy pink and you are ready to impress in any business meeting.

Shop Naive @ IFW10 by GIA


Skin: (FFX Hibiscus) Gabrielle – natural by London Dailey
Hair: Armidi Hair – Symphony Twist – Chocolat by Nicole David
Eyes: Horizon Prim Eyes – Acid Rain Right by Annie Ibanez
Outfit: .: Naive :. Pencil Outfit by Leah McCullough
Shoes: Stiletto Moody – Pump (Baby Pink Patent)

Styling, photos, review by Patty Cortes, GIA Founder/CEO

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