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My It List : The Top 13 fashion must-have of the week

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What you do not own yet and should be ashamed of…

1 – There are limited items you can really call a “million dollar” fashion piece. Well, I found mine. It is the Signature Series Tote Bag by SLink, available in a myriad of colors. The textures are just somptuous and you always feel you look your best when presenting it at your arm.
2 –
To perfect a business chic look, you can add a serious black tie like the {Cherry} Rob’s Tie by [Pink] Outfitters.
3 –
The [Pink] Brit Krust jacket with its irresistible prim cuffs is the perfect base for a professional yet feminine look
4 – What would be a strict style without the pants named for it ? You will find the Director High Waist Pant at London Daily store.
5 –
Who said pinky pumps are not hot ? Take a look at those and dare to say it again… {Cherry} Classic Pumps, in hot pink.
6 – Check the it-look for details…
7 – See above :)
8 – For an immaculate look, you will go for the delicate {Cherry} The Ari Handbag in snowball. The details around the buckle and the textures of the bag are simply divine. Get it in the Cherry store, at [Pink] Outfitters.
9 – Flowers covering your body, wind in your hair, flexi prim floating around your legs… If you picture yourself there, you will have to get the wonderful latest release by Mavis McGettigan, Skin Flicks Ella Dress.
10 – Announcing the sunny days, get ready for Spring/Summer ’09 season with the unique Vintagewear frames… Guess the name ? The Fame. Being a SLelebrity has never been so easier… (VW) Fame Shades – Sapphire on Jet.
11, 12, 13 – If you have been among the +100 avatars who tried to get in for the opening party, you already know those skins are hot. From fair to dark tones, there are only good reasons to be seduced! Presenting the skins ACfinity Lyra Fair 1 (11), Lyra Summer 02 (12) and Aloe Dark 06 (13).

For the grand opening of the agency we have been happy to feature PureStyle, the growing quality brand by Mimify Loon. You must know that I am a big fan of sculpted collars and cuffs. No surprise if I felt immediately in love with this dress! Its particular shape and unique are a great asset in my inventory. It will make any fashionista stand out in a matter of minute (the time to dress up, actually). For me, it’s the must-have dress of the week… *~PureStyle~*knit-on-knit(frosty).
It is are already all over SL fashion blogs and highly and top rated by pair fashion bloggers. Do not tell me you don’t own this hair cut. I would call it a fashion crime… Maitreya Piper II in Charcoal.
Few days before London decided to release those boots, I was checking them out on her flickr and she was desperately looking for this special “plus” to add. Result : nothing was added but YAY that’s my favorite pair of the week! It-shoes : {Cherry} Belle Ankle Boots at Cherry, subdivision brand of [Pink] Outfitters.
And for the skin… This is No Make Up version of Patty2, Ebony tone from [KA] Skins growing line. You will have to wait for the it-designer Kira Ahn to release the upcoming collection. All I can say so far is… New body details, new lipsticks, new make-ups. Something to put in your wish list 😉 Till the 22nd march (official release date).

Want to do your own it-list ? Share it with us! Follow the rules below and let’s spread the must-have!
Rules :
1. It-lists are a mix and match of what you find hot in your inventory. You must include a minimum of 2 new releases to make it really fun (that’s why it is a weekly list.)
2. You can present here anything fashion-related (limited to hairstyles, skins, clothes, accessories, shoes. Poses are not allowed.
3. The image associated with your article should present a similar format to the one above so we can see your fashion sins at a glance!
4. Put down a list with each number corresponding to the item you are describing, this must be in order (1, 2, 3…)
5. Your blog should present a link back this post (and for future posts, a link back to the it-list of the specific week). This is made to check out which must-have is in all fashionista inventory!
6. To share the fun, you might comment on this page and include a link back to your own it-list of the week so all the blog readers can check it out!
7. Feel free to submit your photo on the flickr group It-Lists of SL
8. You must copy/paste these rules and/or send a link back to GIA blog so future it-listers know why you started yours and how to become themselves it-isters.
9. It-lists are meant to be fun so you MUST enjoy creating them 😉

Fashion Review by Patty Cortes, GIA Founder & CEO
Photo by Miu Edman, GIA Photographer

Till Next week…

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