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FDASL Fashion Show Teaser #4 – VNP Ninetails Profile

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This weekend, GLANCE International Agency will host a showing of new designs from members of the Fashion Designers Association of Second Life™ (FDASL), a collaborative fashion resource group for Second Life clothing creators.

Leading up to the weekend’s multi-designer shows, the GIA blog brings you a look at some of the FDASL’s participating designers.

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Showcase: Saturday, June 20 @ 6PM PDT

Main Store SLurl: Vassnia (40, 218, 24)
XStreetSL: Shop Vassnia online

What might a dentist with a penchant for oil painting fall into as a career in a Second Life? With her unique life perspective VNP Ninetails, real life cosmetic dentist and artist, finds herself working as a fashion and skin designer under her brand name, Vassnia.

“I love creating in Second Life since I am an artist in real life,” says VNP. “I am moved to create by my will to share my imagination with people. I started from scratch and I always ask my closest friends for their opinions about my items. I value them and I’m always trying to improve.”

Walking through the Roman archway of Vassnia, one finds a sprawling store with casual-to-formal clothing for men and women (including some women’s footwear), as well as products geared towards fantasy, gothic, grunge, and Neko styles. Clothing concepts reveal the sultry, chic and playful sides of the designer’s personality. Many of the store’s items are transferrable, which makes them ideal for gift-giving.

Vassnia’s Skinhouse, adjacent to the main building, has quite a variety of female skins – from the ashen Thalia to the sun kissed Natalia. Miss Ninetails has also created shapes and eyes to compliment her skin selection.

“I consider myself an artist; I paint oil on canvas in real life – especially portraits – that is why I started making skins. I never thought virtual art could feel so real and rewarding,”, she says while reflecting on her skin craft; adding: “[Because] I am also a dentist in real life (specialized in cosmetic dentistry) …. I [make] sure my skins have great looking teeth!”

Future plans include, introducing a male skin line.

This coming Saturday, for female audiences Vassnia will be showing a full-length leather trench coat with sculpted accents, a “surreal” 16-piece vintage gown, a cabaret-style pinstriped gangster suit with hotpants, and a strapless flouncy dotted mini-dress for “lethal dolls”. For male audiences, the classic rebellious biker jacket with sculpted attachments and “boy toy” jeans.

To learn more about the Fashion Designers Association of Second Life and to learn of upcoming releases, visit

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Pictured: VNP Ninetails wearing one of the designs that will be making it’s way down the catwalk this weekend.

Credits : Article by Kingston Augustus, GIA Fashion Writter

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