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GIA Fashion Show Highlights/Meb Design on the Ice

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Yesterday we had a fabulous show at glance that was different from the usual one..the “Glance on ice” .I was honored to be one of the models and I must confess it was a lot of fun I enjoyed it a lot. Anyway on the ice were presented some amazing designs and I was able to get a MEB creation to post on the blog.I am sure you will like it,it's so so winter related.

Meb is well known for her designs because she has a wonderfull style and always tries to learn something new.She makes our day better hehe. In today's show card you can see me wearing one of her designs ..the MEB Fashion : Ice Outfit.Isn't it looking fabulous?All the pieces fits perfectly giving it a really winter style.

And here comes the surprise this design comes with a pair of winter boots to save money and to make our styling even easier….They fit perfect with the rest of the outfit and the color is just fabulous.Now I can feel like we are having winter fun hehe.

So if you liked our yesterday show you should go to the Glance mall special made for the ice show and buy this fabulous design.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shop list-

Outfit with Boots: MEB Fashion : Ice Outfit
Available at the GIA Runway Boutique special Glance On Ice Showcase!

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