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GIA Show Card//Angel Dessous Show Card

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Hello Guys for today I have for you a very big invitation to tonight's GIA show .If you love sexy lingerie ,hot dresses and long boots then you should come Saturday, November 14th at 1 pm SLT at the GIA sim to celebrate with us the Angel Dessous,Azul and BAX show…I hope I will see you there

Until then I have for you a special style show presenting a very hot looking Angel Dessous lingerie just released.I am talking about the Eternity lingerie that can be found as as a new release at their mainstore.In the same time if you don't like to much black color..then you can get the white color of eternity how you can see it looks fantastic too..Is your decision if you are going to be the good girl[white] or the bad girl[Black]..hehe ..anyway more lingerie tonight on the GIA catwalk

For this kind of sexy looks we need pro long boots..and everyone knows about this they are the bax prestige boots who were a super success since they came out..most people naming them as the best in sl.How you could see they were on almost all blogs and today they are going to be in this show card too.Of course they are available in more colors but for black-white lingerie you should always wear white..they are to sexy ^^

Another thing we have here is the amazing hair that was designer by a well known store named TRUTH in hair styling .Belive me if you are not a fan of him then you are no one.At the store you can find lots of high quality this hair that is named >TRUTH< Freda — espresso that is a new release and how I can see it is going to be a totally success too^^ love sexy hair styles?Truth is here for you And the last thing for today we have a special skin from a new store that collaborates with us.It's the Laqroki that is well known for all their high quality stuffs starting with skins ,hair,outfits and a lot other.This time I decided I need something sexy..something new..and after a search In my inventory I decided I have to wear the Molly Skin. LAQ ~ Molly [Peach] Glow skins can be found as a new release at their love skins?then you must love laq. -Shops List-
Lingerie: -Scarlet All Colors-Angel Dessous-Nando Korobase
Available at Angel DessousMainStore

Boots:BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather-By BAX- from MIMI’S Choice store
Avaible at Mimi’s Choise mainstore

Hair:Truth Freda – espresso Truth/Designer-Truth Hawks
Available at “>Laqroki Mainstore

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