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GIA Style Card //Being Casual and ready to party

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Hey sweeties ^^…i realized that a thing that all girls want is to make a bit economy,but in the same time to be able to buy 2 outfits at the price of one.And i searched a bit around the world,and fantastic news i found what everyone wants,and i am not talking about freebies.Because in the same time we want cheap outfits but in an extremely high quality.It may sound impossible but it’s not.Or another problem is the time that it takes to visit all that amazing shops that are situated far away one from the other.But this shop ..because i can’t name it mall yet since all the designs are made by a famous person ,will help us with the money ,time and in the same time will give us some great looks so now we won’t have to worry how to get out.Do you dare to come shopping with me for dresses,skins,shoes and a lot other at the famous DeeTalez mainstore?

I had to take only one walk to find all i need at the super nice shop Deetalez.A key of their success is the designers that are a so sweet couple.But let’s return to our style card and what we have to talk about.So i wanted for today not something formal,something casual …something for party.And for combining this 2 styles i made a simple step i bought a party dress and a pair of jeans and in the picture you can see the result.The jeans wearing the name of DeeTaleZ hot lowrider drainpipe jeans grey were perfect for this style because of it’s dark color[grey] that will fit amazing with the top .And since fall is coming how i said ,i used some dark colors this time too ^^.The dress name is DeeTaleZ grunge skull dress brown and is a fantastic design with skulls on it giving you a very interesting look.With that brown dress you can go to a party or club because you will feel very comfortable,and in the same time you will look great on the dance floor.[the party look is the dress in the left side ].And for getting back to a casual look that you can wear on street or in your house the only thing you will have to do is to wear the grey jeans together with the dress..and will result that fantastic look that will rock on you.It just depends on you how you want to dress up,since they can be found easily in the same place at the Deetalez.

I continued my shopping at their fantastic mainstore and looked for some nice shoes. I knew that i won’t be able to find a pair of shoes that will fit both styles,because heels will fit the short dress,but won’t fit with the jeans.So i stand there for some minutes in front of the shoes shop,until i decided to get in lol.Than i made a tour of it ,and i must confess saying that looks nice is a lie,it looks fantastic.You can find their all kind of shoes you love,the second paradise for a shopaholic hehe.And then i decided since they all look so good why not to buy 2 pair of shoes.And so i did like i am going to present you.If you wear jeans i recommend you not to wear any kind of heels,they don’t look really good.I prefer saying that ballerines will look a lot more better.Just take a look to the picture,i am sure you will agree with me.Since Deetalez created a lot of ballerines on different colors,i finally decided to wear the lovely DeeTaleZ ballerins black[right in the shoes picture].They give a very nice look to the long grey jeans .Now we return back to our party dress ,the short one.How i said we won’t be able to use ballerines imagine it with the DeeTaleZ ballerins black,looks nice but won’t fit at all.So for that we need some amazing heels,that can be found in the same place .The amazing DeeTaleZ Stilettos “black kittie” are the best for this kind of dresses.And together with this you will be able to change the skin color so it fits with your skin and in the same time the nails color,so that makes our life very easy.Isn’t that sweet?aren’t we in the paradise of shoes?belive me ,we are.

The last thing i bought from Deetalez[and i am sure you already saw it] is the lovely skin.Lucky with Steffi ,the designer ,that recommended me that skin and that she made a perfect choice.And another fantastic thing is the shape,that will make the skin fit 100% on your shape.Because you know sometimes is hard to wear a skin because it really don’t fit.The skin name is DeeTaleZ Skin Susanna evening Makeup No.1 sun,i didn’t wanted any strong makes up i wanted something natural ,simpe and that’s why i chose that.I am sure you’ll love it a lot because i already did,and of course it can be found upstairs at Deetalez at the skin sections.Get your butts our there and shop ,to spend some money for your beauty *huggs*

There was only one thing that i couldn’t find at Deetalez,the hair.But that wasn’t a problem at all.Like always i made a visit to one of my favorite shop,Lollipopz.With only one walk i found the hair that will look amazing with this style card ,the fantastic LollipopZ Violet – Black.I wanted people to see the beauty of my face,so that’s why i chose a black hair,and in the same time i didn’t want it to be long and cover my dress,simple and casual the style we are looking for.And like always Lollipopz saved the day[lol i feel like i am in the powerpuff girls cartoon] ,so i think they deserve you to make and take a visit around their lovely hair.

So how you could see it was a impressing style card in my opinion,and i was so happy to see DeeTaleZ near us,is a great feeling.So in my opinion like always,is that you should visit this amazing designer store starting with Deetalez and ending with Lollipopz as both for me are great designers,and deserve all the congrats.Hope to see you tomorrow near me because you shouldn’t forget that tomorrow is our Style of the Week card ^^ Have a good day

-Shop List-

Outfits: DeeTaleZ grunge skull dress brown – Deetalez / Designer: Steffi Villota
Available at Deetalez Mainstore

Jeans: DeeTaleZ hot lowrider drainpipe jeans grey – Deetalez / Designer: Steffi Villota
Available at Deetalez Mainstore

Heels: DeeTaleZ Stilettos “black kittie” – Deetalez / Designer: Steffi Villota
Available at Deetalez Mainstore

Ballerines: DeeTaleZ ballerins black- Deetalez / Designer: Steffi Villota
Available at Deetalez Mainstore

Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin Susanna evening Makeup No.1 sun – Deetalez / Designer: Steffi Villota
Available at Deetalez Mainstore

Hair: LollipopZ Violet – Black – Lollipopz / Designer: Zeev Dinzeo
Available at Lollipopz Mainstore

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