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GIA Style Card //Pinky Saturday-A la Folie show

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I think you want to hear a guy saying”Omg that pinky girl looks so hot” when you are walking on the street.Well now it’s possible because A la folie is here.

First of all i invite you all at the amazing show that is going to present the A la Folie fantastic dresses at the GIA Sim.I hope to see you there^^.Now let’s return to our pinky style card.The dress i used is named (AlaFolie) LADY MONACO courte and the best part of it is that it comes together with the lovely pairs of heels that i am wearing so i don’t have to search for another pair .Of course if you don’t like pink you can chose from the other ones too Grey;Chocolate;Azure;Lemon and Red.How you can see actually it is a summer dress but with a bit of styling you can make your dream autumn look.

Another fantastic thing i used in this style card was the new release of the amazing hair shop Je*Republic.I was shopping around when i saw the JE*REPUBLIC-Antoinette hair,and i was like “Oh my gosh..i need it” .How you can see the antoinette is not a simple hair,it brings with it the air of elegance too,and that pearls accessories make the style rock.If you want to look like the girl in the pictures this is a must have.

Do you remember Unique Megastore[the new name of Soul skins]? I have great news from their mainstore ,the sophie skin is rocking all the websites.She added to her skins the “Sexy breast”version that makes everything look better.I loved the pink make up of Sophie and i found it perfect for this style card,so i just right click it and wear ..and now i am proud of what i did with it.

You must know Jcny they create one of the best jewelries in second life,but this time they extended their creations to something more fashion too like hot sunglasses.Well this one is not the usually glasses you see on the street they are “Party Glasses” .JCNY – MAXXADONNA, Spiked Hyper-Gems Sunglasses were created for rebel girls who like to shine in a crowd,but actually i realized that in the past time everyone has it is a pair of glasses to die for.

And we will make our last stop at the Pacadi Jasha store that designer this fantastic bags.As you may know i used them in several style cards in different colors[so again the fat pack saves us] ..but this time i found the red version perfect with our fabulous dress.[Pacadi Jasha ltd] Biassoni Bag #014 R is available at their store and if you name yourself a “Shopaholic”you must have this too in your collection.

So after you read this style card i am sure you know how to make pink look amazing,but of course don’t forget to add the Armidi pink scarf will make you look even more stylish^^.It will give the fantastic style a “Autumn style” it will transform the happy pink to a colder one that’s why girls like pink right?

-Shops List-

Dress: -( AlaFolie) LADY MONACO courte — A la Folie- pixivor allen
Available at Je*Republic Mainstore

Skin: Sophie- UNIQUE MEGASTORE/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Unique Megastore

Bag: [Pacadi Jasha ltd] Biassoni Bag- Pacadi / Designer: Lotta Shelman
Available at Pacadi Store

Ear Rings: [PACADI] – Paua Shell Earring R [01]- Pacadi / Designer: Lotta Shelman
Available at Pacadi Store

Glasses:JCNY – MAXXADONNA, Spiked Hyper-Gems Sunglasses -JCNY / Designer : JD Hansen
Available as a new release Only at JCNY Store

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