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GOD SAVES NU-RAVE (Press Release)

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The Revolution Show is a monthly fashion show brought to you by GLANCE International Agency. It aims at taking a glance at fashion evolution and celebrating what it brought usalong the years…

GLANCE selects monthly SL fashion fresh and established faces and expose their latest releases in a show dedicated to the last decades’ fashion revival ! This an event geared towards all fashion lovers and people crazy about couture du passé !

For its premiere edition, GLANCE is proud to present funky designs by Kailiana Anatra (Ayayay), Dice Beattie (Roll the Dice) and Akemi Yoshikaway (Akeyo.) If you don’t know these designers, here is your chance to get a hold of what nu-rave style means ! Starring the event, GLANCE Top Models are Nicholai Shepherd, SerinaJane Loon, Laila Schuman, Relax Mills, Kurvy Rhode (Miss SL Ebony 2008) and Juliane Ames.

DJ Flashback brings GLANCE sim back to 80’s… Get ready ! Dress code : neon colors and spunky hairstyles !


Sponsored by Ebony Style Magazine (vendors available on-site!) Check out the entire sim built by the talented Pearlie Pedro.
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