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GIA Store Review // Connors

Posted in Featured News, Store Review, Style News @ 4:32 am on January 31st, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 25 views

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Hey guys, today I am going to present to you all another great store that has been making a lot of noise lately, the store filled with the brilliant and amazing designs of Salah Axel. Connors.

The store has been around for less than a year, but so far, I got to say that I love all the products.

The first product that caught my attention from Connors is the Dress Shirts shown in the picture on the left. Originally, I saw it in white but this darker version looks much like my own style, and when I was at the store today, I also discovered these amazing looking Hawaiian shirts which comes if I don't recall wrong has 3 varieties of design and 4 colors per design, perfect for hanging out at the beaches.

There are many more products at Connors including vintage jeans, rolled up jeans, sweaters, and so many more, but the one I love the most so far, is this following one

The Connors Blouson for men. I saw this originally on another bloggers post but that was a female version. The texture of the blouson is very detailed. You can clearly see the buttons and the lines on the collar and other parts of the item but there is something that most people that doesn't own this product might not know, the back design of the blouson is actually texture change, there are four variety for it and they are all very nicely done with a touch of vintage.

For those who want to know the newest product of the brand, when you enter the main store, turn left and you will see this doorway shown in the picture, and inside, is a smaller room with new items from the brand.

Right now, the latest creations of Salah Axel are these, the leather pants and the leather coat, the texture has a great shine over the leather and the style is very unique compare to all the leather coats out there which mostly are biker style (I personally own like 4 already and I force myself to stop buying leather coat cause they are all of similar style…) which is a really nice thing to find something with a different style for a change.

I am sure that everyone can find more interesting stuff at the store and as always, I will leave stuff there for you guys to discover on your own, it is just more fun that way.

I hope everyone will have fun at the store,

Until next time,


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