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GIA Store Review // REEK

Posted in Featured News, Store Review, Style News @ 11:33 pm on January 29th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 16 views

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Hey all. In the past store reviews, I have always shown you guys shops which are all about high quality fashion, mostly just men apparels and I thought to myself, after this hard week of work, why not do something different for once. So I came up with this blog today about one of the shops that I have found the most fun items. The store of Riq Graves, Reek.

Right now the “main store” of Reek is an open space in the snow at its own sim, the products are all laid on now piles, very strong winter feel. The store is fun because all of Riq's products are not just well textured or prim sculpt but have some really cool purpose.

First of all, if you go to Reek, these tee shirts are something you do not want to miss out on. The colorful sets on the left picture all has a fun inscription and they are 5L only, I personally got a bunch of them on my first visit to one of the brand's satellite store and still use them once in a while. The baseball tees are really nice too. I don't think I have seen others quite like them and as you see in the picture, the packages comes with many colors to choose from, perfect to match with your shirts or coats.

But Reek has so much more products, not just well textured tee shirts but also great sculpt clothing and other accessories, just like this newest laundry day hoodie which comes with hud and a up and down sculpt hood. And as you can see on the picture, there are a big variety of colors and pattern but most importantly, if you fat pack it, you get a 65% off, and that is a real bargain. Aside of these, Reek also offers other great clothing like the sculpt belts, the dinosaur pajamas, in between many others.

And here are the accessories, part of the collection that makes me go back to the store every once in a while, take the mittens for example, I have seen many gloves in second life now, but nothing similar to these prim mittens and I have to say with the many colors available, I find it very easy to mix and match with almost any of my clothing. The scarves also are a great item to have for the winter and the ice-creams are just a classic of the store.

There are still many other fun items I am not showing here such as the megaphone with color script and animation, the news microphone, lantern, and so much more that I will leave for you guys to go and find out on your own.

I hope everyone enjoys these review,

Until next time,


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