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Posted in Featured News, Store Review, Style Alert, Style News @ 2:15 am on February 19th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 29 views

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Hey guys. First of all, Happy “Late” Chinese New Year!!! I was a great weekend for me last week and I got to see lot of friends and relatives that I usually don't have the chance due to my busy busy life. But enough about my current status and let's get back to business. A couple of weeks back, I got an IM from a friend saying that he is going to open up a new store to sale something that is really important for us bloggers, photographers and models, Poses. And this week, The store is finally open and today I am very please to present to you all the pose brand by my friend Dimitri Shinn, BeScene.

Now I have said in pass blog post that I really do respect pose makers because I have attempt to make my own poses in the past and for those photographers who have worked with me and the pose makers who I have asked advices from, they know that I suck at it(sigh). No matter how hard I try the pose always kind of messes up when I upload to second life. It is kind of hard to believe that something that seems so simple is in fact a really complicated and hard to achieve task. Poses in the Fashion industry is really important, poses are not just for AO but it is also used for photo shots, runways which includes almost everyone in SL to have used poses knowing it or not.

The picture above show a few poses which are in the model series of the brand, these simple poses are targeted to be use for runways shows mostly or just fashion photo shots. There are a total of 30 of them in the store and when you are purchasing them, you will notice that there are the numerical poses and the one with the letter “H” behind the number. The difference is that the “H” version is ment to have the head movable so you are able to have shots from different angles if you choose to turn your head.

Besides of the model poses, there is another set that I find very useful and that is the Accessories pose set. This set of 10 poses also comes with the “H” version and is meant to be used with accessories in hand such as pen, bags, canes, cell phones, umbrellas and in my case here in the picture, a beer bottle and some weapons. I was very happy with this set as it is hard to find a good pose for accessories if the item doesn't come with such incorporated inside it.

But the store has more to offer besides just these sets of poses, Dimitri has also developed a set of poses which are meant to use for photo shots where the model is leaning on a wall and that is not all, the store also a few couple poses and a line of poses for women.

At the store when you arrive, you will also see these, the store subcribo gift and also a valentine gift which contain a few cool stuff.

For more information of the shop, you can check out the Blog post of the owner at this URL:

and here is the LM to the store:

I hope everyone will find what they need at this new store/

Until next time/


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