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SLexy Fashionista (02.05.2015 16:06h): No title

396 a GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

396 b GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

hi :DDD

dress : Tee*fy Nadya Dress Dressy Version Floral [ @N21 ]
jacket : .: ryvolter :. Ola Shoulder Tuxedo Blazer Pearl
necklaces : Maxi Gossamer Necklace - Amelie Painted Beads
hat : [kik] hair-Paige
nails : Shakeup! Maitreya Nails Applier Gradient
hair : MOON Hair Essentials Chandler II
mesh head : LeLutka Mesh Head-KARIN
skin applier : Glam Affair Karin Applier Asia [ @LeLutka store ]
eyes : [Crash Republic] Rebel Eyes gray


house : Scarlet Creative Amelie Mansion RARE [ gacha ]
mirror : Picnic antique mirror gold
longhorn : - TESLA - Mesh LongHorn Cow Skull ... [Link]

Zexy Serrari (01.05.2015 12:48h): Need To Feel Loved

Style Card:
Hair & Pose: *ARGRACE* Akane - BlondesSkin: - Belleza - NinaHand & Feet: SlinkDress: ::LC:: Celeste BlazerShoes: [Co57] Xondra Gladiator


Zexy Serrari (01.05.2015 12:48h): Ready To Go

Style Card:
Hair: [LeLutka]-MALEFICENT hair/Dark BlondeSkin: - Belleza - Ria Tan 2 BlEyeshadow: The Shops! 'Glam' Bronze Jacket: *COCO*_BomberJacket Hands in Pockets Ocher @FaMESHedTop: ! HR 2.0 ! Comic Strip BandeauPants: Emery - Wrap Short Melbourne Tanager @FaMESHedFeet: SlinkShoes: [Gos] Boutique - Samantha Pumps - Patent @FaMESHedPose: Purple Pose [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (29.04.2015 04:38h): 21Shoe Event

Today, I'm here to tell you about a new group that's been formed in Second Life, and you just may want to join it, since it's free.

The group is called 21Shoe Event Group. Shoe designers offer two pairs of shoes for the price of one, and that, my friends, is exciting. Especially when you consider that I just received a notice that N-Core is offering two pairs of shoes on February 21. Tell me that these sexy shoes just don't make you drool!

So hurry, get inworld and sign up!


Virtual Fashionista (29.04.2015 04:38h): Beautiful People

LivGlam recently released a new line called Black Label. Black Label means that you are buying a garment that is 100% original mesh and textures - and not duplicated by anyone else in the market. Yes, exclusive originals. It excited me to hear this because I've gotten pretty tired of seeing the same mesh in 120 different stores, and only the textures change. The Black Label line also comes with a HUD with 60 different colors, so you have a wide assortment of outfits, by just purchasing one. The Black Label line is a little more expensive, but for exclusivity, ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (29.04.2015 04:38h): Goodnight Irene!

Today I wanted to share with you an outfit by Prism Designs called Irene. It's a knit dress that comes with a resizable belt and three different scarves that you can wear with it. It's available at Prism in four different colors for just L$349. This is the Black Multi, and also available is the Taupe Multi, Green and Purple, and Brown Multi.

Prism Irene GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Hair: D!va - Ruri
Skin: League - Isla Sunkiss
Cosmetics: Lashes: Redgrave - Diva, Lipstick: MOCK - Lucir Rubyfruit
Jewelry: Acid & Mala Creations Messed Memory Wire set
Shoes: N-Core - Casting [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (29.04.2015 04:38h): Beautiful Liar

I have been insanely busy with real life work for the past couple of weeks. I'm so sorry for not posting more often! It's our busiest time of the year, but I hope to get back to regular posting soon!

I wanted to show you this outfit available at LivGlam as part of Steals and Deals through Monday at 11:59PM for only $L55. It's called Beautiful Liar and comes in 6 colors through the HUD.

LG Beautiful+Liar GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Hair: DeLa - Vanessa
Cosmetics: Lashes - Redgrave Glamorous, Lipstick - Beautiful Deluxe - Autumn Leaves
Skin: League - Isla
Jewelry: Earthstones - Aculo Group gift
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (29.04.2015 04:38h): Feed a Smile 2010

Wanted to let you know about an event being held July 10 through July 18 called "Feed a Smile". I hope you'll check them out and help if you can :

G%26N+Feed a Smile+Event+Advert GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
The information provided is:

Brique Topaz founder and CEO of the Real life charity organisation called "Live and Learn in Kenya e.V" abb:LLK has asked G&N Quality Design to hold the Feed a Smile 2010 event to raise funds to raise money to help feed the children of Kenya.
LLK is based in Selb, Germany.

It is the parent organisation to LLK International NGO and is a registered non-profit charity organization. ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (29.04.2015 04:38h): Someone hates me!

I'm not sure if it's the weather maybe combined with my internet probably , or SL also probably , but I'm having a tough time right now a wearing shoes and b shooting photography. I promise I'll be back when this sorts itself out. Very frustrating!!

Honey [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (29.04.2015 04:38h): Cynful

I'm on the blogger list for Cynful, so I get some of their new releases. I will admit several things here:
  1. I am fashionably late posting to my blog.
  2. Not all of Cynful's clothing suits my taste.
  3. Sometimes I feel bad for staying on the list.
  4. I do stay on because some of the things that come through I absolutely love!
So, here are three of somewhat recent releases:

First is the Denim Corset Overall Capri set a very new release , which I just fell in love with! The dark blue capris shown here have adorable button pockets on the ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (29.04.2015 04:38h): A mer tale

As everyone knows, I have a career in Second Life that I take very seriously - and usually too seriously, and friends have lately been concerned about that. The whole "all work and no play" thing, you know.

Because of that, I was recently introduced to the world of Mer, and immediately fell in love. The funny thing is - in RL, I don't have much to do with the ocean. I'm not a secure swimmer, I've never scubaed, and the life under the ocean scares me - lots of things that can jump out and hurt you. Maybe because of ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (29.04.2015 04:38h): Summer is here!

Yes, summer is here and along with it, I have new dresses to show you from AlaFolie.

The first one is AlaFolie's "Laura". As with many of AlaFolie's outfits, Laura comes with headband, brooch, necklace, earrings, bracelet, and matching pumps. There are two lengths of the dress included - the short babydoll is shown here. Laura is charming and sweetly innocent darling tied bow at the back, not shown , but with its deeply plunging neckline, also very sexy...just perfect for summer!

Alafolie+Laura GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Next is AlaFolie's Eloyse. This is another adorable babydoll dress which comes with the necklace and earrings shown.

It has ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (29.04.2015 04:37h): Azul Velma

4626983650 dfd8ef003d GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Azul-Velma Moca , originally uploaded by HoneyBear Lilliehook.

A couple of years ago, I was at Styles of Edo looking at gowns, and immediately fell in love with Mami Jewell's designs. This was a designer that spoke to my fashionista heart, and the love affair hasn't ended yet!

Velma is one of Mami's newest creations and I was delighted when she gave it to me to blog.

Velma is form-fitting with a slightly flaired skirt made of satin material with a ruffle at the bottom of the skirt. The draped bodice and bare leg make this dress an immediate standout. Add ...


Virtual Fashionista (29.04.2015 04:37h): New skin from Tuli!

I don't cover skins here too terribly often because I'm one of those that likes to know when people look at me, they know "that's HoneyBear", so I don't change skins like some others. Nothing wrong with changing, it's just not me.

So, when I got the preview package of the new skin by Tuli Asturias called "Jade", I figured I'd blog it and be done with it....but not this time!

Tuli Jade GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
First off, I've always liked Tuli's eyes, and would wear them full time if she ever hits that particular shade of teal that I love so much. The ones in ... [Link]

My Precious Agnes Finney Fashion House (28.04.2015 00:28h): Agnes Finney_Vicky Lace Collection

7391913272 f2d03200e5 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
7391916768 eb358580a1 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
?Click to visit: Mainstore & Marketplace & Photostream [Link]

My Precious Agnes Finney Fashion House (28.04.2015 00:28h): My Precious@ Rosey My Love

7345410746 487c941730 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
I know it has been some time since we have new release. Real life is too hectic which keeps me away from creating. I hope you will like this new gown, Rosey My Love. It is made for CHIC Culture Shock event. What doesn't want to be embraced by moving petals? Come check out this flexi gown today.
Click here to our mainstore, marketplace and photostream? [Link]

My Precious Agnes Finney Fashion House (28.04.2015 00:28h): Agnes Finney_Maya Satin Dress

7189021458 8e03b6bcb0 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
7189024480 13a6c373ae GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedClick here to : mainstore, marketplace and photostream of My Precious. [Link]

My Precious Agnes Finney Fashion House (28.04.2015 00:28h): My Precious_Artistic eyes and Mesh dresses

7077288469 696faafce8 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
My Precious has just released a new artistic eye collection. If you want to look special in your photographs, you should get one now. Alongside the Fae eyes collection, two of our mesh dresses finally arrived at the mainstore. Demos are available. I hope you will like them. :

Click here to : mainstore, marketplace and photostream of My Precious.

6934050570 aa01677673 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
6934050566 0645ff1dec GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

My Precious Agnes Finney Fashion House (28.04.2015 00:28h): Suki at My Precious

Suki is another mesh collection we have this year. Classy and beautiful. Come check it out at the mainstore. Five colors are now available. :
Click to: Mainstore, marketplace and photostream

7041992663 5bd4d6b212 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
6892428798 915e698609 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
7038523883 47224e5764 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
6892428692 9d55cfa5c1 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed [Link]

My Precious Agnes Finney Fashion House (28.04.2015 00:28h): Agnes Finney_April Dream goodies

I know I have been quiet for some time. RL has been keeping me a lot. *Sigh* Now my holiday has arrived finally and I hope that I can make more nice things for you. Here are two goodies for April. One for VIP, one for everyone. Check it out at our mainstore :

Mainstore, marketplace and photostream

7044075835 da1f5bbe8d GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
7044075035 e1bc2f3918 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

My Precious Agnes Finney Fashion House (28.04.2015 00:28h): Agnes Finney_Susan Bustier Collection

Agnes Susan is a trendy and chic design with a business-like cut and styling. The deep rich contrasts are brought in the brilliant color combinations that compliment both the light skinned and tanned avatar skins - so no matter what tone you use - it will look absolutely stunning.on you - not to mention figure hugging. Show your toned midriff and curves to the maximum in this gorgeous outfit that is Susan.

Click to TP: mainstore , marketplace, photostream

6988828541 dd6dbf2d5a GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
6982365653 c3a50ba5e7 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
6836239092 341fd853ca GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

My Precious Agnes Finney Fashion House (28.04.2015 00:28h): Agnes Finney_Forever Eyes Collection

After the popular Twinkle eye collection, My Precious has just released a whole new pack of eyes for you. If you like exotic colors with great reflection details, Forever, is the choice. Come visit our mainstore and see for yourself.

Now and then, we will release special eye collection. This time, we have prepared something green for St. Patrick's Day. The beautiful green eyes will only available for the public until Wednesday night.

Click to TP: Mainstore redelivery support available , marketplace and photostream

6829652164 2340389234 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed 6975777369 11bb2d91b4 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

My Precious Agnes Finney Fashion House (28.04.2015 00:28h): My Precious_Spread our love for Fashion For Life

Fashion For Life has started yeserday. My Precious has donated four different items with discounted price in the hope that our little contribution can help spread our love. This white dress is meant to salute to all the pure hearts who make this meaning event possible.

Click here to TP to My Precious at FFL sim landing spot , our store is at 163, 229, 24.
6972190029 860bb0a788 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
6826071546 5c321ab6ff GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

My Precious Agnes Finney Fashion House (28.04.2015 00:28h): Agnes Finney's Cherie Lace dress

6788792032 343af919b3 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Before the end of February, we have released this sexy yet feminine cocktail dress--Cherie.
Click HERE to our mainstore Photostream

My Precious Agnes Finney Fashion House (28.04.2015 00:28h): Agnes Finney's Mesh Collection at AVENUE's Mix and Mesh Fair

We are honored to be invited to participate in the Mix+Mesh Fashion Fair 2012 launched by AVENUE Models. Our first mesh collection is now available for sale at Country Club. They will be showcased on 3 March 5p.m. Mesh viewer is required to enjoy the show. Click here to teleport to the show.
6930300223 fb54dd038d GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
6784140392 c6f2bcb1c6 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed [Link]

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