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Nieve Thor (15.07.2014 07:41h): I wanted to go away with you

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Hair Fair is opened :D Well this is part of hair that I purchased last week.

What I wear?

Skin : Belleza ? Ria Pale ? 3
Lipstick : Belleza ? Ria Lipstick Tattoo Bundle Pale 7 Gloss 2
Hair : red Mint? No.25’14 Dark Blond from Hair Fair 2014
Hands : Slink ? Mesh Rigged Hands Mesh
Manicure : ZOZ ? Just Soft Metals Polish

Dress : Zenith ? Bohemian Summer Milk from Collarbor88 July 2014

Necklace : Maxi Gossamer ? Sugar Heart Necklace
Bracelet : Maxi Gossamer ? Octavia Star Pearl Bracelet and Earrings **part of set ...


Miu Edman (12.07.2014 09:05h): New +elua+ @ Hair Fair 2014

Hair Fair 2014 is OPEN!!!!!

Here are New hairs from +elua+ :

Taxi to +elua+ @ Hair Fair 2014

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14603020836 800df484b3 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

14623919974 decf97a162 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

We also have Hair Fair Gift!!?Don’t miss it ;D

14624252181 c0f51f7766 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Taxi to +elua+ @ Hair Fair 2014

Get more information about this event ?? Hair Fair Official website

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed  GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed [Link]

Nieve Thor (10.07.2014 14:41h): Bracing myself for the sandstorm

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

What I wear…

Skin : Belleza ? Ria Pale ? 1
Lipstick : Belleza – Ria Lipstick Tattoo Bundle Pale 9 Gloss 1
Hands : Slink ? Mesh Rigged Hands Mesh
Manicure : Miamai ? Lacquer Sublime Nails Ink
Mesh Eyelid : Slink – Mesh Lids and Lashes

Dress : Amarelo Manga ? Dress Thara Printed – Batik 04
Headwrap : Miamai – Beatrice Headwrap Luxe Papyrus from faMESHed July 2014

Earrings : Bliensen + MaiTai – Voluta Earrings from We Love RP July 2014
Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai – Voluta Necklace from We Love RP July 2014 ...


Zexy Serrari (08.07.2014 13:15h): 5 HIDDEN FREE DANCES AT HUMANOID NOW !

The FREE DANCE FLASHBACK HAS STARTED NOW FOR X-MAS ! Come to HUMANOID and find the 5 hidden Free Dances !
HUMANOID FreeDance FLashback GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Visit also HUMANOID in:
Subscribe to HUMANOID's youtube channel

Zexy Serrari (08.07.2014 13:15h): NEW Diktator PUNK!

11089447754 3da6e60c92 b GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Style Card:
Hair: ^;^ CaTwA^;^ Mesh Bella V3 Hair [3]Skin: - Belleza - NinaEyebrows and Lipstick: The Shops! Sweater: .:villena:. - Sweatshirt CreamLeggins: :FANATIK: Printed leggings Shoes: [Diktator] - PUNK Hands: SlinkNails: Flair Pose: Purple Pose

Poppy Panache (08.07.2014 03:54h): keeping it simple

I went ahead and stuck this picture in last minute because it so depicts the way that I’m feeling right now. Maybe someone else would see it another way, but I just imagine sitting there overwhelmed with so much work to do, wanting to be anywhere else but there, and just “sighhhhhhh”. No idea why I see it that way. ;

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

I dug deep into my sl closet and came across my Kookie Armada boots. I did want to wear something newer, something I’ve purchased since my return, but I loved the way they went with the look, the ...


Nieve Thor (06.07.2014 08:56h): I’ll be the bright and black

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

What I wear…

Skin : Belleza ? Ria Summerfest Pale ? 3 from Summerfest 2014
Lipstick : Belleza – Ria Lipstick Tattoo Bundle Pale 4 Gloss 2
Eyes : A:S:S – Clouded Eyes Pileus
Hair : Uncleweb Studio ? Cyndi Dark Brown from Creation.JP ? Round 1 event
Hands : Slink ? Mesh Rigged Hands Mesh
Eyelashes : Redgrave – Eyelashes 28 Cleopatra
Manicure : ZOZ – Sassy Gold Tip Polish

Dress : NYU ? Summer Mini Dress Black FLF from past Fifty Linden Friday event
Long Vest : ISON – Summer Long Vest Black from Summerfest ...


~ (06.07.2014 08:20h): Elle Shape*

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedPinkkkk! I love this deliciously pink lingerie set from Blacklace which is why you are seeing it again :D

Anyway, this is an equally delicious new shape…Special Edition* and very “Xanthesque” face so big pout and soft eyes etc. Comes with all the credit details so you can easily replicate this look. Wooooo! Or check out the last post for the list of credits.




Smooches…. Xanthe xoxo

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed  GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed [Link]

Xanthe (05.07.2014 10:20h): ~:Southern chickie :D

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Howdy! Just and my little floofie chicken…she clings on happily and has some other friends you can carry to keep her company <33


[*Chicken] @ Silentsparrow [FLF]
[*Lonnie Hair] by Damselfly Summer of Love Fair Open until 11th July!
*[Lingerie] @ Blacklace
[*Cassia Skin] by Glam Affair @ Creations jp

[*Sophie-Ann Shape] @ [CS Shapes]
[*Unicorn Necklace] by Atomic @ TCF
[*Pose] !Bent Closed
Xanthe xoxo

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed  GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed [Link]

Chandni Khondji (05.07.2014 02:38h): New Subscriber Gift

A new subscriber gift is just being sent out. If you would like it come on over and slab the subscriber! If you are already subscribed and did not get it, touch the silver archive box at the bottom of the subscriber and get a redelivery!

Hope you enjoy!

14389746927 5b39acfca9 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Taxi to HopScotch

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Poppy Panache (04.07.2014 01:53h): don’t lose your head!

Happy Thursday! I’ve been enjoying being back in sl. The only problem is, just as in real life, there is never enough time to do all that I want to do. It’s very easy to get distracted in second life, with all the new product notices from your favorite creators coming in, all of the awesome events, freebies, group gifts, hunts… aaaagghhhhh!!!  GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedOk, shake it off, Poppy..snap out of it. ~throws a glass of ice water in my face.~ Whew..ok..I’m calm.
I’ve been doing a little exploring as well. The below pics were taken at a place that I’m sure most ...


Xanthe (03.07.2014 21:41h): ~:Pale Grey Eyes @ Mayfly

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Hello! I am a dedicated fan of Mayfly Eyes and Keshie has these fabulous * Luminious Pale Grey Eyes* which ae very striking. You can adjust them in all kinds of ways!…Size, pupil size and luminocity etc. And because they are mesh they are super sharp and photograph extremely well.


[*Luminous Pale Grey Eyes] @ Mayfly New!

[*Cassia Skin by Glam Affair worn with Romy Lipstick]

[*Eyeliner] by :Tuli: See Markeplace

[*Parted Lips Teeth] by :Tuli: $0 on Marketplace

[*Romper in Navy] by Zenith

[*Necklace in Silver] by Ellabella ...


Chandni Khondji (03.07.2014 05:22h): Birthday Sale

It is my birthday today and to celebrate with you, I am having a 35% off sale today and tomorrow. Midnight to Midnight end of Friday.

14376480179 d4f0613621 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

The discount only is for the Mainstore, not event locations. This includes poses, pose props. SLink appliers/Stockings/Shoes, boots and everything else in the mainstore. Event boohts are not included only the store!

Store Credit applies and gift options are in the vendors :

Enjoy your shopping spree :

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Chandni Khondji (02.07.2014 17:15h): OMGacha and Oneword are open!

Two events started today! OneWord with the theme be Wonderland and OMGacha!

Oneword is a bi monthly event evolving around a word each round. This round the word is ‘Wonderland’ and you can imagine a lot of awesome fantastical stuff. I have a wall clock as decoration for you that is modeled after the pocket watch carried by the white rabbit, though the Clockface is rather special. Take a look:

14349209178 d34a544a7f GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

You can get it here

OMGacha is a fantastic big gacha event and I have a really fun item for you this time. Novelty glasses. Check them out: ...


Poppy Panache (02.07.2014 00:30h): a special thank you

The photos in the past couple posts were taken when I first came back to sl and I was, and still am, trying to catch up…you really do feel like a newb again after being gone for so long. All I can say is Thank Goodness for all of the amazing sl bloggers and flickr-ites..I wish everyone knew how much work these ladies..and men too..put into their blogs.

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

I need to update my links, stores and bloggers on my side bar. some Please let me know if you’d like to swap blog links.

what i’m wearing…
dress: mon ...


momola (01.07.2014 12:22h): 7 Jahre SL

Bald sind es sieben Jahre, die ich mich in SL bewege.

Was mich zu SL gebracht hat, hab ich hier in meinem Blog schon oft geschrieben. In den letzten Tagen denke ich öfter mal daran, wie es für mich heute im Vergleich zu früher ist – was SL heute für mich bedeutet.

Was waren die ersten Wochen aufregend – das weiß ich noch genau. Ich konnte es kaum abwarten, nach dem Büro nachhause zu kommen, mich anzumelden und wieder etwas Neues zu entdecken oder mit Freunden auf einem Campingplatz in Apfelland abzuhängen und dabei fürs Rumsitzen auch noch ein paar L$ ...


momola (01.07.2014 12:22h): “Argrace”

Heute habe ich in einem anderen Blog zwei Neuerscheinungen von “Argrace” – einem meiner Lieblingslabels in SL – gesehen. Die beiden Frisuren sind super für Fotografen, ihr werdet es sehen, wenn ihr den Shop besucht.

Nachdem ich mir die Neuerscheinungen geschnappt hatte, hab ich einen Rundgang durch den Shop gemacht. Ich habe ja überhaupt keinen Überblick mehr, was sich so in den letzten Monaten in Sachen Mode in SL getan hat und siehe da ….

Ich bin ja ein großer Fan von Kurzhaarfrisuren. Die meisten Langhaarfrisuren sehen so beliebig aus. Oder sind es die Avatare, die sie tragen, selbst? :

... [Link]

Mein SL-Lieblingsevent (01.07.2014 12:22h): “The Arcade”

Wie unschwer zu erkennen ist, bin ich seit einigen Monaten ganz schön blogmüde.

Nur wenn Arton mal wieder etwas neues gebaut hat, hatte und hab ich Spaß daran, einen neuen Blogeintrag zu laubsägen. Ich bin auch nicht mehr so scharf drauf, jedem SL-Modehype auf den Grund zu gehen und mir den SL-Kleiderschrank vollzustopfen. Mein Inventar ist trotz eines kleinen Systems ein einziger Klumpen Undurchsichtigkeit. Über 100.000 Items – das spricht für sich. Ich blick da kaum noch durch.

Seit Monaten hab nichts mehr dazugekauft.

Bis heute.

Mein Lieblingsevent ist “The Arcade”. Viele Designer bieten dort witzige und gut gemachte Sachen für ...


Finished (01.07.2014 12:22h): Arton’s Lifeguard Tower “Zuma”

Watch the video to see this awesome piece of work and how my all time hero saved my life : :

Here are some pics of how they look in RL: Klick

Available in Arton’s shop:


Requires an up-to-date viewer.

[aR] Lifeguard Tower Zuma – Land Impact: 43 – Footprint: 12.90m x 5.70m
[aR] Lifeguard Chair – Land Impact: 2
[aR] Rescue Board – Stationary Land Impact: 2
[aR] Venice Beach Trash Oil Drum – Land Impact: 1 2 Oil Drums linked = still 1 LI
[aR] Beach Cone – Land Impact: 1 6 cones ...


momola (01.07.2014 12:22h): Now available …

Arton’s Phone Booth:

The [aR] Payphone Booth is 100% mesh. It has handmade LoD only Works perfectly with default viewer settings .
Materials enhanced. It’s fully normal and specular mapped.
Requires an up-to-date viewer.

? Mesh
? Handmade LoD
? Materials Enhanced
? 3 poses
? Land Impact: 1
? Copy/Modify

All 2D/3D/Scripting by arton Rotaru

Available on SL’s Marketplace in Arton’s Shop:

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed  GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed [Link]

momola (01.07.2014 12:22h): Must see

24 hours of happy …

24hrs version:

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed  GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (30.06.2014 22:20h): Ever An' Angel - Paparazzi

Bored, so you get a second posting from me today!

In 2012, I had discovered Ever An' Angel. They were my introduction to mesh clothing and I spent a more than a few Lindens there on several outfits that I loved.

I have a ball to attend next week so ballgowns have been on my mind. I had some pretty specific requirements for a gown: strapless yet modest, had to move well, and had to be reasonably priced as my budget is pretty tight these days.

I had received the gorgeous Siochain gown as a POE hunt gift from Ever An' Angel, but it ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (30.06.2014 22:20h): Liv-Glam - Glad to be Unhappy

Ahhh, mesh. That which has given depth and shadows and true texture to our second lives. It's certainly made decorating my SL home a lot better - 114 prims to fully decorate a Linden home. Of course, I have to go to a sandbox to open bags that are more than 3 prims, but that's okay. That will change after my Christmas tree comes down!

Even better to a fashionista is that mesh has made clothing far more interesting. A little harder in same cases, as you hope that the designer has used "standard sizing" and the medium by one designer ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (30.06.2014 22:20h): Gone and back again

I've been in Second Life since June 16, 2007. I loved it passionately from the moment I arrived and never thought I'd leave it. I was positive that I'd be immune from the "5 year itch". Yet when that 5th rez day hit...I was done. I wanted out. I was tired of SL, tired of the people, tired of everything. I managed to hang on for a few more months, but then I broke. Completely. I left SL for over a year.

Now I'm back again and my, how the world has changed! Mesh is the big rage and was barely ... [Link]

Nieve Thor (30.06.2014 15:17h): I sang a lullaby by the waterside

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

I’m back from the holiday \o/ :

What I wear…

Skin : Belleza ? Ria Summerfest Pale ? 3 from Summerfest 2014
Hair : booN ? POI481 Chocolate from Creation.JP – Round 1 event
Hairbased : Vanity Hair – Hair Base Caffe
Hands : Slink ? Mesh Rigged Hands Mesh
Feet : Slink ? Womens Natural Barefeet Mesh
Manicure & Pedicure Enhancement : Virtual/Insanity ? Palmito #1 from Thrift Shop 5.0

Dress : Grasp – Lace Summer Dress Green from Creation.JP – Round 1 event
Shoes : Zaara – Janya Jeweled Sandals Ivory – Turquoise from Summerfest ...


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