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Milla Michinaga (19.03.2015 19:09h): Money On My Mind

I do it for the love
-Sam Smith

Money On My Mind 2 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Money On My Mind 1 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Click images to enlarge.

Hair by Tram
Skin & Head by Logo
Hands & Feet by SLink
Manicure by Beautiful Freak Cosmetics

Top by Emery
Skirt by Coco
Sandals by Essenz

Necklace by LaGyo
Cuff left by Mandala
Bracelet right by LB Jewels
Knuckle Duster by Cashmere & Keane

Poses by Del May


Milla Michinaga (19.03.2015 19:09h): Boom Clap

Boom Clap
The sound of my heart, the beat goes on and on and on and on and
Boom Clap
You make me feel good, come on to me come on to me now
-Charlie XCX

Boom Clap 2 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Boom Clap 1 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Click images to enlarge

Hair by Truth
Skin & Head by Logo
Hands & Feet by SLink

Jumpsuit by Spirit Store
Heels by Hucci
Cuff by epoque

Poses by Attitude


Milla Michinaga (19.03.2015 19:09h): Ultraviolence

‘Cause I was filled with poison
But blessed with beauty and rage
-Lana Del Ray

Ultraviolence 2 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Ultraviolence 1 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Hair by Exile
Skin & Head by Logo
Hands & Feet by SLink

Kimono by Tres Blah
Jeans by Maitreya
Shoes by Dirty Princess
Jewellery by Mandala

Poses by Del May


DEMENTED DIVA (12.03.2015 11:35h): Rowne at Collabor88

Wow! It seems like forever since I had posted! LOL! I had been on a much needed vacation in Europe and am feeling good! June has been another amazing month for Collabor88! The theme is "Safari", so think of a lot of relaxed looks and tribal jewelry in neutral shades.
Rowne, which is made up of the former House of Fox team, created a super chic Katia dress, which is a Collabor88 exclusive this month. I paired the dress with their recent Steffen Shorts, which are recent instore release.

C88+Rowne+Katia+&+Birdy+Summer+Skin+for+OMGacha+&+JD+Roma+for+we+love+RP GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
The stunning black Malika Statement Necklace and Malika Clutch are from ... [Link]

Milla Michinaga (03.03.2015 16:57h): Wrote a Song About You

I wrote a song about you last night
It had the strangest melody

WroteASong GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Hair by Milana
Skin & Head by LOGO
Hands & Feet by SLink
Dress by Les Petits Details

Septum Ring by Mons
Necklace & Ring by Paper Couture
Cuff by erratic

Pose by Del May


Milla Michinaga (03.03.2015 16:57h): Solo Dancing

I go dancing by myself
I go dancing with no one else

Solo Dancing 2 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Solo Dancing 1 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed


Hair by Letlutka
Skin & Head by LOGO
Hands & Feet by SLink
Dress by Emery
Boots by Hucci

Septum Ring by Mons
Necklace by glow Studio
Cuff by Phoenix Rising

Poses by Vibe


DEMENTED DIVA (22.02.2015 08:15h): ISON for June C88

I have couple more quickie post for June's Collabor88 before it comes to end. There were so many amazing creations, as always. Harry Hyx of ISON, always creates the most incredible designs, especially for each cycle of Collabor88. June was no exception, I am absolutely in LOVE with this gorgeous relaxed Ruffle Bottom Button Up shirt!

C88+June+ISONv2 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
This fabulous Button Up shirt can be worn so many ways! It can be worn by itself, while lounging around the house or pool, or with soft cotton pants for a chic casual weekend look. Regardless of how you choose to wear it, it ... [Link]

DEMENTED DIVA (22.02.2015 08:15h): C88 June featuring U.F.O. part 2

This was actually supposed to be all in one post, but I realized that forgot to put both items in the original. So here goes.... I mentioned in a previous post just how much I loved Charming Meiler's of ::{u.f.o}::., Collabor88 exclusives. In the last post I featured her her super cute Sailor Boyish Outfit. So for this post, I am wearing her cool and casual N eck Ruffle Maxi Dress.

C88+June+ufo+Ruffle+Maxi+Dress GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
June's Collabor88 features so many incredible items this round, so please make sure you hurry-up and grab them before the round ends on the 8th!
LaGyo+Avernal+headpiece+Dark+&+PXL+MIA+Jazz GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
I also wanted to ... [Link]

DEMENTED DIVA (22.02.2015 08:15h): Baiastice Bikinis at Collabor88!

Summer is already in full swing and this finally my first swimsuit post! Yay! Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice, created a gorgeous line of Luli bikini's for June's Collabor88. These tini binikis come in the most fabulous colors and prints, so you will probably want to grab all of them!

C88+June+Baiastice GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
There are also a ton of summer time props and decor items on the grid right now. In fact, Maylee Oh of The Secret Store , created the most adorable gacha collection for this round of The Arcade. The Collection is called, Sea Adventures. You can win anything from cute animated shell ... [Link]

DEMENTED DIVA (22.02.2015 08:15h): Sneak Preview Of ROWNE! Store Grand Opening Today!

OMG! I am so excited and soooo late with this post! I don't know if you have heard, but there is an AMAZING new store and brand that is opening today, called ROWNE!

Who is ROWNE? Rowne is co-owned by the seriously talented team of Justice Topaz and Fashionboi Landar with Couleur Latoe joining as part of the design team! I have always been a HUGE fan of House of Fox, so I was ecstatic to hear about this incredible new venture and even more excited to be one of their bloggers.
*side note*I usually like to take more time ... [Link]

DEMENTED DIVA (22.02.2015 08:15h): June Colllabor88 featuring U.F.O

June's theme for Collabor88, which is To The Lighthouse, has inspired so many incredible designs for this round. The color palate of faded reds, blues, grays and lavender, remind me of past summer vacations on the the beach's of Cape Cod. The designers have created everything from relaxed cotton casuals to kitschy sailor motifs. Some of my favorite items from this round were created by the super talented Charming Meiler of ::{u.f.o}::.She went all out and made a cool casual maxi dress, as well as this AMAZING Sailor Boyish Outfit!

C88+ufo GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Gyorgyna Larnia of LaGyo, created a huge Pirate and ... [Link]

DEMENTED DIVA (22.02.2015 08:15h): Summer Exclusives from Belleza!

The super talented Shyla Diggs, of -Belleza-, has been very busy creating gorgeous event exclusives for this year's Summerfest and June cycle of The Liaison Collaborative. For both of these events, she brought back two of my all time favorite -Belleza- skins: Nina and Ria.

 Belleza +Nina+Med+TLC+1+Bl Belleza +Nina+Med+TLC+1+Bl GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Nina comes 4 beautiful summer inspired make-ups and skin tones that will be available at Summerfest 2014. Unfortunate, Summerfest 2014 doesn't start until the 22nd of June, so please stay tunes for a LM. Shyla included a special 'Sunburn' tattoo with this skin, which I absolutely adore. She also included: freckles, moles and ... [Link]

DEMENTED DIVA (22.02.2015 08:15h): Livy

There are so many gorgeous new skin releases on the grid lately. One of my favorites well they are technically two skins are called Liv I posted about Liv here and Livy, which are Arcade Gacha Event exclusives from the talented aida Ewing of Glam Affair. Both skins are absolutely stunning and very similar. Livy has a slightly pouter and glossy lip, but both are equally beautiful and hard to resist.

 Glam+Affair +Livy+skin +Asia+ +01+D+Tableau+Vivant+Meersand+Hair+&+Kunglers+Extra+ +Magdalene+necklace+ ++Turquoisev2 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

 Glam+Affair +Livy+skin +Asia+ +05+D+&+TRUTH+HAIR+Honey+&+LaGyo+for+C88 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Both skins come in 10 gorgeous make-ups and three lovely skin tones Arctic, Asia and India . There is even a RARE version in bare, so ... [Link]

DEMENTED DIVA (22.02.2015 08:15h): Summer Time!

June's Collabor88 is another serious hit! All of the designers created "To The Lighthouse" themed items, in tones of steel blue, khaki, terracotta, beige and tan. All the light and sun washed shades that make you reminisce about past vacations at the ocean. I really LOVE this round! For this post, I wanted to create a laid back and casual feel with primarily Collabor88 exclusives, so here goes...
C88+May+Emery+ Glam+Affair+ +Clawtoothv3 full GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedI am a huge fan of this relaxed Summer look from Sunami Beck of Emery. It is composed of beautifully made mesh separates, which include this-off shoulder Imogen Sweater that and ... [Link]

DEMENTED DIVA (22.02.2015 08:15h): Swan Lake

Unless you have been hiding under a virtual rock, then you already know that The Arcade Gacha Event is here again and well underway! As always, all of the designers who are participating in this awesome event have managed to come up with the most brilliant creations more like, "brilliant ways to entice us part with tons of lindens" ! The seriously talented Charming Meiler of ::{u.f.o}:: has created one of my favorite gacha collections to date for this round, which is called Swan Lake, Act 1.

ufo+and+glam+affair+for+The+Arcadev3 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
I don't know about you, but when I was little I wanted to ... [Link]


.PENUMBRA. SPRING/SUMMER FASHION WEEK 2014 has officially begun! If you do not already know this, .PENUMBRA. SPRING/SUMMER FASHION WEEK 2014, a very much anticipated one week event, takes the pioneer to display and express varied new styles in Second Life. The fashion fiesta, first and unique of its kind, is a contemporary platform envisioned and designed to unite established designers with designers who aspire being ?BRANDS? of tomorrow.
.PENUMBRA. SPRING/SUMMER FASHION WEEK 2014, is envisioned to lead and promote designer?s aspirations and motivations to a Global Audience Arena is Second Life!
One of the first designers who really caught my ... [Link]

DEMENTED DIVA (22.02.2015 08:15h): Baiastice for FaMESHed!

I am really tired today, so I am going to try and make this post brief...
Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice, always manages to impress to me with her wonderful designs. She created this AMAZING belted Sophia Jumpsuit for May's FaMESHed. The jumpsuit comes in ton of brilliant Spring/Summer colors and with a color change HUD for the belt, which makes for perfect styling.
Make sure you demo this ASAP!

Baiastice Sophia+jumpsuit orange+JD+Lacey+Platform+&+Indyra+Toni+StrawTotev3 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
There are so many wonderful new accessories on the grid, whether it is a store release or an event exclusive. I adore these new Lacey Platform heels from Dave Freeman of ... [Link]

SLexy Fashionista (15.02.2015 23:48h): Late For Class.

This morning I was late to class, not 'cuz of the li'l scuffle that I got into on the way, or that I needed a li'l ciggie break beforehand; I had forgotten my teal gem ring! The things we do to maintain our fashionista selves.
16138474410 39d296416e c GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed Late for class love + fashionista kisses to all!

xoxo ? Teshan2222 Wycliffe
Skin: Glam Affair @ Collabor88 - Sia skin Fairy Tales - America 08 B new! * double mwuahs Aida Ewing & M4ri1yn Magic* ... [Link]

SLexy Fashionista (14.02.2015 14:22h): Anti-Social.

Nobody asked me to the Valentine's Day Dance today, so I decided to hit it solo. -- Listen, hangin' around a bunch of canoodling teddy bears is a bit much *for anyone* to take, so you can't really blame me for indulging in that ever-winning combo of kamikaze shots + pizza slices galore. -- I mean, it was pepperoni, but at least I didn't have to worry about kissing anyone.
16337820940 7ae59d240d c GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed Anti-social love + fashionista kisses to all!

xoxo ? Teshan2222 Wycliffe

Hair: TRUTH HAIR - ... [Link]

SLexy Fashionista (13.02.2015 16:26h): No title

384 a GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

384 b GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

hi :DDD

dress : Tee*fy Freya Dress Long Pure [ @collabor88 ]
feather : fashionably dead Hair Stuff Kill The White Swan
headband : =Zenith= Hippie Leather Headband
necklace : =Zenith= Dream Catcher Tassel Necklace Black [ gacha ]
bracelets : .Enfant Terrible. Danis Bracelets Cognac [ @TMD ]
tatoo : HIATUS Hover
hair : ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Tina Hair [2]
skin : [the Skinnery] Ming champagne
face tatoo freckles : .Oh!Liv. *Face Freckles*

from Hibari Foden ?See more SL adventures of a RL fashionista here: [Link]

SLexy Fashionista (11.02.2015 14:22h): Three's A Crowd.

When I heard that my 2 bearzes friends famous for discovering new yummie treats were planing a li'l picnic today, I naturally decided to invite myself along. -- Listen, those guys were way too busy holding hands to notice me sneaking a piece of their delicious pie anyways. *gobbles pie; wipes hands on their canoodling blanket*
16309321900 aef5ecb103 c GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed Three's a crowd love + fashionista kisses to all!

xoxo ? Teshan2222 Wycliffe
Apple pie: Apple Fall - Neva's Fresh Apple Pie new! * mwuahs Apple Fall*
Bears: MishMish & ... [Link]

SLexy Fashionista (02.02.2015 19:02h): Floral Gathering.

When the dreary cold winter months set in, there's nothing like a li'l floral gathering to perk up the spirits. -- And bao buns. Specifically, the sweet red bean-filled ones, hehe.
15808934033 b6ca6147e3 c GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed Floral gathering love + fashionista kisses to all!

xoxo ? Teshan2222 Wycliffe
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Ivana [Rigged] new! * mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Collar: Glam Affair - PeterPan Embellished Collar 1 White new! * triple mwuahs Amberly Boccaccio, Aida Ewing &amp & M4ri1yn Magic*
Skin: Glam Affair @ Collabor88 - ... [Link]

SLexy Fashionista (02.02.2015 17:11h): No title

383 a GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

383 b GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

hi :DDD

top : *BOOM* Athena Top Cloud
skirt : Tee*fy Colette Frilly Skirt Vintage [ @N21 ]
bracelets : .aisling. Dame des Fleurs Hands Silver [ gacha ]
fawn : The Secret Store My Lil Fawn Candy [ past hunt prize ]
head accessory : LaGyo Pastel flowers headbend [ @collabor88 ]
hair : Exile Dancing on my own Wild Fusion 2 [ gacha ]
skin : .Birdy. Devon Skin ~Porcelaine~ Blossom [ gacha ]
mouth : VCO Betty mesh lip pink
*it's for VCO skin. i use with other shop's skin and fit forcibly by edit photo. ... [Link]

DEMENTED DIVA (01.02.2015 06:45h): May Collabor88 Round-up!

May's Collabor88 is sadly coming to an end on June 7th at 12am SLT, so make sure you hurry-up and grab all those fabulous exclusives before it is over! Here are a few more of my May Collabor88 favorites! I sincerely wish I had time to post everything available, but I am short on time :

C88+May+ufo GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
I am absolutely in love with this 50's retro inspired Ooh La La dress from u.f.o's Charming Meiler . It is a May Collabor88 exclusive that comes in ton of yummy prints and color combinations!I grabbed some fabulous accessories from May's Collabor88 add to ... [Link]

DEMENTED DIVA (01.02.2015 06:45h): ISON and May's Collabor88!

There are sill a few more days left of May's Collabor88, so please make sure you stop by and check-out all the amazing 50's vintage/rockabilly styles! One of my favorite ensembles from this round, is also from one of my all time favorite designers - Harry Hyx of ISON! He created this fabulous Crop Panel Tee and High Waist Pleat Skirt. Both of these flirty streamlined pieces, can be worn separately or together like I did below , and come in nice array of prints and colors.

C88+ISON+ +Re editv6 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
I could not resist wearing these super sexy S ophia Heels, which are ... [Link]

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