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Virtual Fashionista (15.11.2015 16:14h): Maitreya Vintage Lace Gown

This round of Collabor88 features vintage items. I love vintage clothing - it makes me think of photos I've seen of my grandparents when they were young.

The gown I'm wearing is Maitreya's Vintage Lace in ivory. The jewelry is by Yummy Accessories and is called Pearl Wisp in silver. The hair is Averil by D!va's in onyx. All can be found at Collabor88. The shoes I purchased separately and are Alisa Ivory by Kitties Lair.

Maitreya+Vintage+Lace GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Also worn:
Skin: League - Isla Sunkiss
Makeup: Beautiful Deluxe POE Eyeshadow and Autumn Leaves Lipstick XXVIII
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Nails: Nailed It - Love ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (15.11.2015 16:14h): Indyra Originals - Chill Factor

Finally getting over my cold and feeling a little more human...yay!

I've long been a fan of Indyra Originals, so when Indyra Seigo released a notice today showing all of the new items for sale, I immediately popped right over, because first on the list was this cute little outfit, Chill Factor. It comes with the sweater, scarf, leggings, and the skirt in six colors, for a very reasonable 395L. As soon as I tried it on, I knew this would become one of my favorite outfits for the rest of this seemingly never-ending winter.

Indyra Chill+Factor GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Outfit: Indyra Originals - Chill Factor ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (15.11.2015 16:14h): Liv-Glam Secret Wednesday Sale

I've been sick for more than a week so haven't felt like blogging, but wanted to do a quick post for you because this is a Secret Wednesday sale at Liv-Glam. This outfit that I'm wearing, called "She's the One", is going to be on sale for only 49L, along with five other great items! The outfit comes with the t-shirt, jacket and jeans. You won't want to miss this one. I'm sorry that I'm not up to posting all of the items on sale for you, but trust me, you'll want to get there for this one!

LivGlam Shes+the+One GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed Hair: ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (15.11.2015 16:14h): Appointment in the City

NYC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed Outfit: Liv-Glam - U Can't Touch This
Hair: LeLutka - Moss
Clutch: ::Duh!:: Gold Little Red Clutch
Shoes: N-core - Delicious
Skin: League - Isla
Cosmetic: M.O.C.K. Ruby Ruby Lipshine, Blacklace Beauty Hi-Gloss Lips 65%, Maxi Gossamer Wild Full Thick Lashes [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (15.11.2015 16:14h): Merry Christmas!

Like many others, I do try to send out a holiday card each year. I usually get it done before now, but I've been busy and couldn't find that right look for it. Well, that is until this morning, when I received a group notice from PurpleMoon Creations. As you may know, PurpleMoon took the 2013 Avi ?Choice Award for Favorite Women's Apparel which is well deserved. So, back to the notice. I opened it up and read Poulet's heartfelt holiday greeting, and then opened the group gift photo and instantly knew that I had found my Christmas card outfit! ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (15.11.2015 16:14h): Tired of being cold!

I admit that I'm going just a little crazy with all this cold! All of my favorite shopping sims are set up for winter. I needed to be out of the snow, so I searched for a place that wasn't completely covered in the white stuff. Ahhh, sun and warmth, now I'm happy! Today's outfit is Be Fair With Me Baby by LivGlam. To go with it, I dug through my jewelry box and came out with this older, but pretty set by Misha Fine Jewelry. The hair is a new offering from Truth called Melita. I had decided that ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (15.11.2015 16:14h): We all love freebies!

Just kind of a casual day Sunday for me, so I'll just pass on a couple of freebies to you.

I want to mention Jeannie's Jewels. My friend Jeannie makes a lot of jewelry which she sells really, really inexpensively, and her store is filled with freebies. Please go check it out! And if you're in a Tiny Empires kingdom, she just made a tiara that you can color change everything on! She also just made a ring that works with the Slink's very cool. The earrings I'm wearing were made by her and are free at the store. They ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (15.11.2015 16:14h): Bella Isabelle!

The other night, I was out ice skating at Calas Galadhon, who has their entire park beautifully made over for the holidays. As I usually do, I was camming around to see what was going on when I spotted an absolutely gorgeous dress. I promptly IM'd the woman wearing it and asked where I could buy it. Yes, I could have inspected it, but remember, I've been gone a year and these things don't always occur to me ;

Anyway, it turns out that the wearer of the dress was also the creator, Maizon Rayna - owner of Terra d'ombrA, and ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (15.11.2015 16:14h): Hurry!

I know it seems like all I'm blogging right now is Liv-Glam, but their clothes are so marvelous and the prices so right! The outfit I'm wearing today is available at the PureSales event through today, December 11, for only $L75!! How can you not run over there and buy it??

sayyoullbethere GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Hair: Truth - Andrea
Skin: League - Isla
Jewelry: Earthstones - Aculo
Boots: Bax Prestige Boots - Black Leather
Cosmetics: Beautiful Deluxe - Smudge Eyeliner, Peace on Earth Matt Lipstick 2 POE Hunt gifts


Virtual Fashionista (15.11.2015 16:14h): Oh what a night!

Was not feeling on top of my game yesterday, as evidenced by my somewhat casual appearance while Christmas shopping. Needed something soft and comfy, yet stylish, and this new outfit, Stubborn Love, by LivGlam fit the bill.

Oh+what+a+night GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Hair: Truth - Roxana
Glasses: Diram - Lady Gaga Sunglasses
Jewelry: Rozoregalia *Nornir*
Purse: Wanda's - Katie
Cosmetics: Tone Faces - Frost N' Fire 3 new!
Skin: Belleza - Elle
Outfit: LivGlam Stubborn Love new! [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (15.11.2015 16:14h): Oh Christmas Tree!

Yes, I know that I'm a fashion blogger, but sometimes I break out and do something different. Today, I want to share my Christmas tree.

When I was looking for a tree, it was very important to me that it look nice yet be very low prim. Living in a Linden home with only 117 prims available can sometimes be annoying, but I've managed to do pretty well with it. This cute tree is only 8 prims!

So, a friend had this tree and that was it for me! I ran off to Alyxen Designs and promptly bought it. At $L399, it ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (15.11.2015 16:14h): Ever An' Angel - Paparazzi

Bored, so you get a second posting from me today!

In 2012, I had discovered Ever An' Angel. They were my introduction to mesh clothing and I spent a more than a few Lindens there on several outfits that I loved.

I have a ball to attend next week so ballgowns have been on my mind. I had some pretty specific requirements for a gown: strapless yet modest, had to move well, and had to be reasonably priced as my budget is pretty tight these days.

I had received the gorgeous Siochain gown as a POE hunt gift from Ever An' Angel, but it ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (15.11.2015 16:14h): Liv-Glam - Glad to be Unhappy

Ahhh, mesh. That which has given depth and shadows and true texture to our second lives. It's certainly made decorating my SL home a lot better - 114 prims to fully decorate a Linden home. Of course, I have to go to a sandbox to open bags that are more than 3 prims, but that's okay. That will change after my Christmas tree comes down!

Even better to a fashionista is that mesh has made clothing far more interesting. A little harder in same cases, as you hope that the designer has used "standard sizing" and the medium by one designer ... [Link]

Virtual Fashionista (15.11.2015 16:14h): Gone and back again

I've been in Second Life since June 16, 2007. I loved it passionately from the moment I arrived and never thought I'd leave it. I was positive that I'd be immune from the "5 year itch". Yet when that 5th rez day hit...I was done. I wanted out. I was tired of SL, tired of the people, tired of everything. I managed to hang on for a few more months, but then I broke. Completely. I left SL for over a year.

Now I'm back again and my, how the world has changed! Mesh is the big rage and was barely ... [Link]

In My Inventory (10.11.2015 07:41h): #222 Across The 2nd Universe

Post #222, an interesting number to finish or to a new beginning? . My new blog is online: Across The 2nd Universe, with the title is inspired on Beatles's song, except little details gonna keep the same style as In My Inventory. I was in the mood for some changes and I went wild for change the URL, but I hope the people who really like my looks and tips, keep on following me there.A huge hug to all of you! Byye!
tumblr lhcg4sKcp01qcuzx3o1 500 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed [Link]

In My Inventory (10.11.2015 07:41h): Where was Nuria?

Hey! I'm back <3

despedida GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Why was I away? * There's a way to make illegal copies by using the profile of innocent people as the creator. Also, anyone can do a quick search on Google and find forums discussing the matter, websites that sell viewers with this feature and even videos on Youtube, showing that it's possible to put up the name of someone as Philip Linden as the creator of pirate items.* Many people have been victims of this fraud: sellers, designers, and simple people like me.* Probaly it happened on purpous, someone who knows me with the intent to ... [Link]

In My Inventory (10.11.2015 07:41h): #220 Halfway there

dress6 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed dress5 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Skin KLETVA-PietraSkinFall/GB-hairbase/mk#3
Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-Midnight Blue
Lashes *REDGRAVE* Rendezvous
Hair Clawtooth: Easy Breezy - Strawberry cream [New]
Shirt R.icielli - LONGTOP /capuccino
Pants *CASHMERE* Blow Jeans blue
Skirt and belt part of The Secret Store Boheme Batic Diamonds [New! at The Cellar]
Scarf Maitreya Long Scarf * Champagne
Bangles [MANDALA] TAKARA bangle/Rich Gold
Shoes *GF* Flower Pumps "Eve" -chocolate
Pose [croire]
Location *FIR & MNA* Mainstore

Skin KLETVA-PietraSkinFall/GB-hairbase/mk#3Lips~ KLETVA-PietraSkin/Lipstick-Thunder Yellow
Hair Exile Freja/fall [New]
Dress The Secret Store Boheme - Pop Squares [New! at The Cellar]
Bag .:Pelletteria Morrisey:. Studded bag [past hunt prize]
Earrings {Gasqhe} - Nuria earring
Glasses Gunther's Fierce Vintage Gold 'Baciaga' Frames by Gemma Vaschwitzugenplatz
Sandals AOHARU WALK_FlatGladiatorSandal
Poses {Just a Pose} ... [Link]

In My Inventory (10.11.2015 07:41h): #219 Raise it up

Skin *JeSyLiLO* :::Buty:::*TanSkin*J4* [New]
Eyeshadow KHUSH - Make Up - Smokey Eyes - Black [New]
Hair [e] Play 2 - Red 10 [New]
Dress Garage *Lola dress* v5 [New]
Blouse *GF* Silky Blouse "Charlotte" -white-
Pants R.icielli - ASH jeans/lightblue
Jacket AOHARU BT_TweedFeminineCoat_White
Necklace [ glow ] studio - Rudolf in love necklace [TDR]
Glasses Berries Inc silly goggles [Free]
Boots Orion - OG Boots/White [New!]
Pose 1st pic {Just a Pose} [New]
Pose 2nd pic estetica
Listening to Florence & The Machine - Rabbit Heart


In My Inventory (10.11.2015 07:41h): #218 I want your drama

saia karija 2 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Skin KLETVA-PietraSkinFall/GB-bald/mk#4
Lipstick KLETVA-PietraSkin/Lipstick-Burnt Sienna
Hair .: vive9 :. Fredja in Lexington [New]
Hair acessory tomoto twinkle corsage chocolate [gacha]
Top Spirit Store - Costa corset 1.1
Skirt {Gasqhe} - Vo Nude [New!] <3
Necklace [ glow ] studio - Rudolf in love necklace [TDR]
Location Love Soul [Link]

In My Inventory (10.11.2015 07:41h): #217 Here we go again

5441837837 46265da8db z GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed 5442441126 4cd384c3b2 z GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedSkin -Glam Affair- Eva - Natural - V.Day Gift [Group Gift]
Hair Exile Pandora/garnet [New]
Shirt DeeTaleZ Tops T shirt "skull" [New]
Vest *COCO* ShortVest StripeGray
Skirt {SMS} Feather Skirt Monochrome
Necklace This is a Fawn + Scribble - Corvus Necklace
Glasses Rawdolls 'Retro-junkie' aviators <3
Bag [LeLutka] No Heart Bag old gift
Socks Pig - Knee Sock Mit Suspenders - White
Sandals Action X Patent Wedges - Diva Set *
Poses xbordeaux [Gift]
Location barbee

action page GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed* These cute sandals from Action by MarilynMonroe Munro gives many ways to use. Beyond possible sandals color combination, there is also lots of socks textures, that you can use with the top pic 2 ... [Link]

In My Inventory (10.11.2015 07:41h): #216 Te amo

pam nuria3 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
pam nuria GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Skin [LeLutka] Natasha/HUSH-Makeup4 with ROZENA ~Creamy Lipstick~ sweet beige Hair Maitreya Moon - RedLingerie DeeTaleZ Lingerie dots blue [New]Tattoo KHUSH Te Amo Tattoo [New]Necklace Gypsys! Typical heart neckace [Subscribo Gift]

Pamela ?
Skin -Glam Affair - Nina V-Day 02 [Valentines TDR]
Hair Magika // B&W Pack // Aina
Lingerie [ Attitudes ] Winter 2011 [Gift]

1st pic *ICED* Hold me tight
2nd pic sr3d-poses *Wonderful Tonight*

In our house
LISP - Winter Words Sofa v2
LISP Spring Reading Rug and Reading Cushions for 2 [Subscribo Gift]
:: rucott :: Rag --- winter
Visionaria -- analog player -- ... [Link]

In My Inventory (10.11.2015 07:41h): #215 Blind

Skin AMD Emily - PeachHair Exile Roxy/auburn [New]Top oyakin*linen-tunic [Cupid Hunt prize]Shorts *LP* April shorts blueBlindfold Picnic ribbon blindfold - pink [Gacha]Necklace [croire] triple portrait pendant Boots Mentine TYCOON Boots Silver Leather *Poses SR3D [New]Location Picnic

* Visit Mentine and check it out the perfection of these boots :
Mentine+TYCOON+Boots+Silver+AD GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed [Link]

In My Inventory (10.11.2015 07:41h): #214 Listen for the whisper

5435320082 7f4004ff91 z GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

lpred2 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed lpred3 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Skin AMD Emily - PeachLipstick cheLLe - lipstsain Fierce Black Swan Lips 2Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-BlackHairbase Tiny Bird Reds Pack [Free]Hair !lamb. Wild Nothing - Sun-Dried TomatoTop ::: Snatch Leather Corset Black-J :::Pants *LP* Tatyana pants redNecklace *LC* - Piper Long NecklaceBracelets erratic / twisted braceletsShoulder pad [Noir&Noir] Kakkoii EpauletBoots + ADDiCTIA + Adnata Boots Graphite *Poses *hate me and eat me*Location Shhh.... listen for The WhisperListening to Janis Joplin - All is Loneliness
* Adnata Boots by Oct Oakleaf are not only sexy, it's also versatile and functional. Check out all specs, details and pics ... [Link]

In My Inventory (10.11.2015 07:41h): #213 Deluxe

5419901774 868606ecd4 z GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed 5419902084 08fcf32b98 z GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed fur2 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedSkin [LeLutka] Natasha/HUSH-Makeup6Eyeliner .::Mother Goose's::. eyeline_1 past gift
Eyes KLETVA-Recognizer Eyes/blue [New]
Hair >TRUTH< Odette reds - burgundy
Earrings R.icielli - EUSTAQUIA earrings #gold / aquamarine [2nd Deluxe Hunt item] *
Top R.icielli - MARION Top / Gold [2nd Deluxe Hunt item]
Fur [LeLutka] IRINUSHKA bolero/bear
Pants R.icielli - ELIZA highwaisted pants /beige
Boots Mentine TYCOON Boots - Red Gold Leather [New]
Poses R.icielli full body and Glamorize close
Location Frost

*The 2nd Deluxe Hunt R.icielli has started, yay!! You'll find 12 gold keys around the R.icielli sim with 12 gorgeous and amazing items for only 10L each! Check it out:
AD 2NDHUNT2 blog GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedAll the best <3 Kisses, Nuria> [Link]

In My Inventory (10.11.2015 07:41h): #212 @ Tago

5418732702 a265304ec2 z GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed 1 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed 2 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedSkin *JeSyLiLO* :::Buty:::*TanSkin*J1 makeup [New]Hair Action Womens Hair Emily - Naughty [New]Eyes [ROMI SKIN] MilkyWay Eyes-GreenSweater Willow Striped Chunky Bark and Vanilla [last Seasons Hunt]Blazer [LeLutka] STIGMA jacket/blackShorts Milk Motion my jean shorts greyNecklace KOSH The Key Bag HouseOfFox :: Richie Bag - Coco /w Feathers [last FLF]Shoes ::Kookie:: Bonnie/ NightPoses by Di's Opera [Gift]Location Tago - UrbaStyle* Streetwear
Pessoal! Gostaria de deixar aqui a dica da Revista Blá! deste mês. Tive o privilégio de ser a primeira entrevistada na coluna da minha querida amiga Danixinha Babii <3 e estou super ansiosa pelas próximas edições e pelas novidades deste espaço que é dedicado a nós fashionistas e blogueiras. Garanta já a sua! --> Blá! MagazineBjs <3

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