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Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:02h): Yvonne takes a stroll outside

%2528Clio%2529 +Yvonne+Poster GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Now released, the whole collection of the Yvonne Gown!
This dress is long and sleek. The collar is large, fiabesque and somewhat mysterious as it wraps around your face.
The cloth is bicolour. For each version it has one hue for the inside and one for the outside. Hope you'll like the combinations ;
The skirt is tight and mermaid like, with a little train on the back. It is resizable via script which can afterwards be deleted.
Makeup with coloured tear included!

It is available inworld [TP to main store] via my special vendors discount for Clio Cardiff & Co. group members . You ... [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:02h): Diamond Is Mine Hunt 2

Just a quick line to inform you all that I, together with lots I mean LOTS of other designers, am taking part to the second edition of the Diamond Is Mine Hunt DIMH2 .
More info, together with a list of stores participating, LMs and hints can be found on their official website: DIMH2 @ Sophistishapes.

Happy hunting, dears!


PS: did you or did you not check out FFL and all its crazy sales yet?!? [TP] [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:02h): Clio goes GREENIO!

%2528Clio%2529 +Saint+Patrick%2527s+2011 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedYes, you READ right!
It is a super deal for just my store on Ansel Adams SIM, and it is ONE of the very very many green sales going on all through the 9 FFL sims.
Be sure to have a tour and grab some super discounted goodies! :D

Clio+on+Hansel+Adams GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:02h): Fashion for Life 2011, starting NOW!

 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
And going on through the 22nd of March!
This year there's been a little change in organisation, but I am pretty sure the fair will be a huge success!
All the info you might need questions answered, list of designers participating, list of events and so on can be found on Fashion for Life Official Website.
This year's theme is "Beyond Black & White", and we were totally free to interpret that however we wanted. I, as colours-addict, stuck to the theme and contributed EXCLUSIVELY black and white items. Some are from my past years, some are brand new releases that will be ... [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:02h): Fashion for Life sneak peek ;

Yvonne+spoiler GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Coming on March 14th.
New collection preview at the Fashion for Life fair!
Two colours from my new line will be sold at a super special price to raise money for the American Cancer Society, starting from next week!
More info on the fair at
Limousine to the SIM s to follow :

Have a great day! [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:02h): End-of-the-year SALE!

Clio+end+of+the+year+sale+market+copia GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedHappy belated Christmas!

And to celebrate the end of the THIRD year of Clio in SL yes, that's right, I started designing 3 long years ago : , I decided to hold a big sale and to set all the prices in store to ONE THIRD of their original value!

All formals, casuals, and fatpacks are now 60 to 70% OFF!
The offer will be valid until the 31st of December... that just gives you a few days to come by!
The prices have been reduced both at my main store [TP to Sunrise Island] and in my Marketplace store :

I hope this will ... [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:02h): It's Marion, not Marian!

%2528Clio%2529 +Marion+PosterPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Yes, it's definitely not maid Marian from out dear Robin Hood tale, although she could quite easily 'fit' a wood :
This new cocktail dress has sleeveless top and a large and full prim skirt made of sculpted panels plus flexi panels that give some movement.

Textures are 100% hand drawn from scratch by me.
I put a resizer script in the skirt, so you can fit it to your own figure and delete the script once you're done:
The outfit comes in 6 different colours and both as copy/no transfer and transfer/no copy.

Where to get it? Either [TP to my main store] or ... [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:01h): Christine enchantment

%28Clio%29 +Christine+PosterPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedHello dears!
I have newness! And it comes as a large and flexi formal gown.
The skirt is super rich and full of layers. The top has a hand drawn pattern over a sheer bodice.
The skirt has a semitransparent overlayer over the skirt of a different colour.
As always, the dress has been completely hand drawn by me, and the prims arranged one by one.
It comes in 6 different colours, and both as copy/no transfer and transfer/no copy.
There is also a DEMO in store, if you want to try it on:
[TP to main store] or click on the pictures to be redirected ... [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:01h): ... along came Nadine!

%28Clio%29 +Nadine+PosterPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Here it is!
This week's release is Nadine Dress, which you saw a few days ago as a Halloween Special item in its Orange version.
Nadine is a cute short dress with frilly sculpted skirt.
As always, it is available as both copy/no transfer and transfer/no copy, and in 6 different colours.
Again, it's 100% hand drawn by me, with no use of any photosource.
You can find it at my main store, or on the online Marketplace click on the pictures to be redirected to the item listing to purchase online: .
Or [TP to main store] .

%28Clio%29 +Nadine+Black+DressPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed %28Clio%29 +Nadine+Red+DressPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
%28Clio%29 +Nadine+Rose+DressPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed %28Clio%29 +Nadine+Green+DressPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
%28Clio%29 +Nadine+Night+DressPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed %28Clio%29 +Nadine+Tobacco+DressPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Hope you ... [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:01h): Trick or treat?

%28Clio%29 +Eleonore+Halloween+DressPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed %28Clio%29 +Nadine+Halloween+DressPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

... definitely a treat!

I have these 2 special Halloween colours available in my main store for 50L$! Eleonore Gown was last week's release... while Nadine dress is a soon to be released item!
Hurry up and get them before they are gone!
[TP to main store]


Photo credits:
Photo credits:

Shimmery newness (20.05.2015 21:01h): Eleonore

%28Clio%29 +Eleonore+PosterPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedHello lovelies!
Eleonore is now available in store in 7 different colours, both in its COPY/NO TRANSFER and TRANSFER/NO COPY versions.
Again I made the skirt 3 pieces to ensure perfect leg coverage resizable via script.
There is a DEMO available inworld, should you want to try it on :
[TP to my main store] or just click on the images to buy from the SL Marketplace! the big image on top links to the Full Collection page ;

%28Clio%29 +Eleonore+Black+GownPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed %28Clio%29 +Eleonore+Brown+GownPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

%28Clio%29 +Eleonore+Purple+GownPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed %28Clio%29 +Eleonore+Blue+GownPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

%28Clio%29 +Eleonore+Water+GownPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed %28Clio%29 +Eleonore+Wine+GownPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Starting from today I am also part of a reselling network, so my products are available for resale ... [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:01h): Halloween hunt with BOSL!

Halloween+bosl GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedHello!
Just a little information: a huge Halloween hunt all over the BOSL sims is now going on!
Until the 31st of October there will be a lot of great stores discounting down to 50L one of their items.
I swear I am not TRICKING you! Just look for the little pumpkins and get your TREAT ;
My controbution? The recently released Sabrina Lavander Gown, priced down to 50L for the occasion :
You can find it in my [STORE AT CASABLANCA BOULEVARD].
Happy hunting!

%28Clio%29 +Sabrina+Lavander+GownPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedSpooky hugs,
Clio [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:01h): Dedicated to Liane.

%28Clio%29 +Liane+Dress+Poster GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Here it is!
Brand new casual dress, dedicated to the lovely Liane Maertens, talented SL model.

Liane dress is flirty yet classy, a bit naughty but stylish.
The top shows a large portion of the left side of the bust, while frills partially cover the right shoulder. The skirt is double-layered, soft and uneven.

As always, it is completely hand drawn and I made it resizable via script which can then be deleted after fitting.
It is available in 6 colours or in a full collection pack and both as COPY/NO TRANSFER or TRANSFER/NO COPY.
Where to get it? Either [TP to my main store] or ... [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:01h): I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!

%28Clio%29 +Sonya+White+AD GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
And here I am, sitting on a slippery rock, lost in the cold damp of these castle ruins.I wonder if those magical creatures have always been floating over this corner of the Earth, even when the hallways were crowded and the fires lit.I am sure, my eyes were open, and yet it disappeared after the first quick glimpse.Just a whimsical instant of cheerful grace to assure me they won't leave me alone.I do believe in fairies.

Photo credits:
  • dress by Clio Sonya White ;
  • skin by Fleur Shoujo ;
  • hair by Truth Nikhita ;
  • shoes by Blaze; ...

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:01h): Sabrina Gown released.

%28Clio%29 +Sabrina+Gown+Poster GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Hello dears :
I just released my first item in a long time! Gosh, I missed SL during my RL ramblings... and that's why I hope I can be 'backish' for a while.

Sabrina gown is now available in my store in 6 different colours.
It's a delicate long gown with a flower motive printed on the top and skirt panels.
The top leaves a shoulder uncovered, revealing a slightly sheer patch over a portion of the left breast.
The bottom of the dress holds tightly around the body and terminates in a soft and flowy prim skirt.
Matching gloves are included.
It's been all hand drawn ... [Link]

Sweet newness (20.05.2015 21:01h): Berry

%28Clio%29 +Berry+PosterPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

Finally some newness on my store walls!
This elegant and sweet gown is called Berry, and it's available in 6 rich colours.
The dress is long and tight on the waist, while it falls down soft and long on the back.
On the top, sculpted ruffles enhance and enrich the breasts.
The cloth has a leaf pattern in adifferent colour for each version of the gown.
Matching gloves are included.
Resizable via script, that can be deleted once the fitting is done.
The whole outfit has been hand drawn from scratch, with manual placing of the prims.
Available in 6 colour versions, transferable or copiable. Come ... [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:01h): Hunt For The Cure

Hunt For The Cure is actually going on in a LOT of stores around the grid!Don't miss the chance to grab some hot fashions at 10L$/25L$. All money raised will go to RFL.For a list of participant stores, you can click on the poster in my main store. [TP here]
pssst: you will have to look around to find the vendors ;
%28Clio%29 +Queue+de+Paon+Rose+Cocktail+Dress+H4TC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
%28Clio%29 +Blooming+Flower+Lilac+Dress+H4TC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
%28Clio%29 +Karol+Wine+Ballgown+H4TC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed

These 3 outfits are my contribution. 2 are from 2009 RFL specials, 1 is an old classic from the Karol line.
Enjoy hunting!

Clio [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:01h): Little news on Slapt

Just a quick post to let you know that, unfortunately, slapt website to buy SL goodies online has been closed down.
I am working on getting some items up on XstreetSL® to make it possible to buy from the internet.
I have already uploaded my latest releases in both their copy/no transfer and transfer/no copy versions.
More items are soon to come :

Have a good day! And stay tuned for newness! ;

Clio [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:01h): Pandora Gown is released!

%28Clio%29 +Pandora+Gown+Full+Collection GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
After the super eccentric Pandora Dress, I thought that someone might use a more formal version of the outfit!
So here it is: Pandora Gown.
The same six flashy colours have been restyled to cover your legs down to the floor, and leave your shoulders uncovered.
The gown moves sensually as it brushes the air all around your body. The vibrant colours make this formal gown something that really stands out in a crowd.
The dress is complemented by a pair of tight opera gloves and a flexi head piece.
All 6 colours are available as copy/no transfer or transfer/no copy, and are purchasable one ... [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:01h): Eye-catching Pandora Dress!

%28Clio%29 +Pandora+Dress+Full+CollectionPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedHello lovelies!
New release this weekend!
I thought it was really time to release something good for partying and for being wild.
So here is a versatile short dress: it can be an eccentric cocktail dress or a classy chic party outfit. It's up to you!
The skirt is super flexi and nicely flowing, and a little ribbon is attached to the single shoulder strap.
Sexy stockings are included to complete the look and make the guys drool ;

It is available in 6 different flashy colours combinations and it can be purchased as copy/no transfer or transfer/no copy, once again :
It's 50% OFF till tomorrow! ... [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:01h): Sonya Cocktail Dress

%28Clio%29 +Sonya+Dress+Full+CollectionPIC GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedHere it is!
Finally a new release on my walls!
It's a cocktail dress with a very low neck plunge.
The skirt is right above the knee, poofy, and with a lacey underlayer that matches the colourful stockings included, too .
I added some flowers to top, skirt hem and gloves to celebrate the nice weather we're having here these days :D
I will keep it half price for the first 24 hours, to allow subscribers and group members to come get it with a discount.
Again, I made the item available as both 'Copy/No Transfer' and 'Transfer/No Copy', so you can choose your favourite version ... [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:01h): Preview time!

%28Clio%29 +Pandora+Dress+Full+Collection teaser GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed %28Clio%29 +Sonya+Dress+Full+Collection teaser GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Shhh! These are super secret sneaky teaser-previews!
Soon to be released in store, but if you want to make sure to really know before anybody else: join my subscribers' list or my inworld group. Subscribers and group members will get the notice about the newly released items in time to purchase them with a discount ;

Hope you'll like them!
With love,
Clio [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:01h): Maasai complete avatar at PXL Creations!

4575795625 bec9760e05 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion FeedHey hey everybody!
Just released at PXL Creations main store, a full avatar inspired by African Maasai women!
As I promised, I was working together with other designers ;
Hart Larsson of PXL Creations had decided to create a Deep Tan version of his Efe skin my favourite! , and being it a very chocolatey colour, he thought it would be cool to make it "special". He added a tribal tattoo on the skin, got some nice Maasai jewelry to go with it, and had me made a tunic that could complement the skin.
So now the gorgeous Efe Deep Tan both clear and ... [Link]

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:01h): Pink Shirt Day 2010

Pink+Shirt+Day+2010 GLANCE   Second Life Fashion Feed
Just like last year, this year again I have decided to place out a pink special item to support the Pink Shirt Day campaign to fight bullying.
This time I went for an entire outfit: pink from head to toe!
Sabina Gown in special pink colour for Pink Shirt Day 2010 will only be available until the end of tomorrow!

For more information about the campaign, here are some SL and RL sites that explain better why to wear pink:
Essence of SL
ICON Lifestyle

With love,

Photo credits:
  • skin by [PXL Creations];
  • hair by Exile;
  • pose by Flowey;
  • shoes by Blaze.

Clio's messy room (20.05.2015 21:01h): Cousins... but not blood cousins...

Holà holà people!
Did you forget about me? Maybe, since I drop dead every few weeks lol .
Well, rest assured: I'm still alive... working on a few things... a project together with other designers, and the revision of an old dress that I didn't make 'good enough' back in 2008.
But while I am lazily working on those things, Miss Smart Ass cet à dire moi... yes, that's been my plurk name for a while... so I kind of got the 'smart ass' label now lol has also been having some fun *smirks*.
Particularly, today I got an offline from my 'ass cousin', ... [Link]

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