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GLANCE – Second Life Fashion Model Academy

Second Life Fashion Model Academy

 GLANCE Model Academy

Second Life Fashion Model Academy

Classes Overview : (find details below)

  1. Modeling Basics
  2. What, where and how
  3. Runway Basics
  4. Styling Session
  5. Portfolio Shooting
  6. Intensive Runway Practice 1
  7. Intensive Runway Practice 2
  8. Final Training Test / Graduation Show

Training Cost : 8,000L$
One-on-one classes

For aspiring male and female models

About the training…

“GLANCE Model trainers maximized my modeling skills. The training definitely boosted my modeling career as, while training as a GLANCE [Model Academy] Student, I reached the final of Captured Model Search and I won the second prize for Sam’s Secret Boutique Photo Contest… Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity and skills to walk a catwalk !” (Miu Edman)

  1. Modeling Basics
    Everything you need to know to get started in the industry. Appearance-related tips and suggestions to improve your look.
  2. What, where and how
    Self-marketing will help you to get noticed. This course will tell you what to do to maximize your profile, where to go to develop contacts and how to start getting modeling-related job informations.
  3. Runway Basics
    This class will teach you how to turn into a lag fighter and will give you tips about upstaging.
  4. Styling Session
    This session is made to help you find or redefine your fashion identity. You will receive tips on how to dress up, play with colors and mix and match items to create a unique look.
  5. Portfolio Shooting
    Experience a professional photo shooting experience with one of our graphic experts. Get ready for style advices and modeling instructions! You will get deliverd 4 full perms pictures within few days to start or refresh your model portfolio.
  6. Runway Practice 1
    Basic knowledge on how to walk down the runway. Step-by-step and comprehensive class to get you started or improve your skills.
  7. Runway Practice 2
    Intensive class to master your runway skills, this session is perfect to remind the 6 former sessions and get ready for the final test.
  8. Final Training Test
    “Staged” Casting Call planned with an other in-house Casting Director or Model Trainer. This is set to show you what a casting call looks like and what a reputable agency can expect from you. The final training phase may or may not be successful. In the case it is not, we will review with you the weak points and guide you until you get satisfying comments. We are dedicated to your success and graduating from GLANCE Model Academy means you are ready to face any casting call professionally.

    After graduation, you join a post-graduate group called GLANCE Model Management where you get your Graduation Show details and after that, you will still receive job opportunities updates and contests informations on a lifetime and free basis.


Full payment is to be made to Patty Cortes (CEO). Once the payment will be recieved you will get an invitation to join GLANCE Model Academy group.

Training Cost : 8,000L$

Education Manager :

Trage Cline

Send a Notecard or an IM today to Trage Cline for admission interview and details.

Thank you for your interest in GLANCE Model Academy, premiere Second Life Fashion Model Academy!

You can also contact:

Patty Cortes
GLANCE International Agency
Premiere Second Life Fashion PR Agency Founder/CEO