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“I had my debut as a fashion designer on saturday November 7th 2009 in Glance International’s “Punk World Show”. Having been a fashion model in Second Life for 3 years it was interesting seeing this business from the other side of the table – as a designer and customer.  As a designer you are extremely nervous about your creations being the centre of attention on such a big day. Well, no worries there. The Glance team created an event that was stylish and professional beyond belief, and I was totally overwhelmed not just by the show but all the fantastic PR generated by the agency for my label. I knew they were good as a model, but I had NO idea how much you get back as a customer. Needless to say my sales have sky rocketed after this venture.  So I would like to take this opportunity to thank CEO Patty Cortes, show designer  Herradura Baar, head manager HoneyBear Lilliehook and set designer/builder Babyhoney Bailey, plus all the incredibly beautiful Glance models from the bottom of my heart – not just for for making this show possible but for rocking the runway and creating an awsome overall concept, gorgeous runway and painfree logistics.  This talented crew are giving designers the very best of what a Second Life agency has to offer and I will warmly recommend them to anyone who is looking to promote their brand with style.”

Honey Bender,  Faster Pussycat (November 2009)
“I really have nothing to complain about,  the coordination of the whole event was just amazing. All members of the GIA Staff did an amazing job. They helped me promptly,wherever I needed help.  So at the end I just have to say “I’m 100% satisfied!” Looking forward to future projects with GLANCE International Agency!”

Kira Ahn, [KA] Designs (September 2009)
“Keep on the good work! I’m very happy with what Glance did!”
Sebastiaan Obviate, Sebis Fashion (September 2009)
Contextualism and authenticity are the qualities I expect as designer from an agency I work with. GLANCE Fashion Public Relation is the first agency which connects those qualities, communicates them to the right audience and are able to lovemark your brand.
Sanders Beaumont, *FDL* Fleur De Lys (January 2010)
Accessory Fair 2010 was definitely unique, and not like other fairs on the grid.  It was well organised, publicised, and had good traffic.  The attention to detail on the sim build, and the continual marketing and promotion of the fair ensured the fair was a success and beneficial to me as a designer – I hope they continue to organise more in future – I’ll will most definitely like to be part of them!  Well done all round.
AtomicSparkle Skytower, AtomicBambi (March 2010)
I’d like to say I’m amazed at the kindness and professionalism of everyone I’ve had contact with in regards to the Accessories Fair, such as GIA staff, bloggers & Relay For Life representatives.  This was an extremely well put together event all around and is one I’ll be looking forward to every year.  Everyone did an awesome job and this has been one of my favorite fairs to be part of as a designer and attendee.  Kudos to you for making this event a success!  Everyone deserves a huge pat on the back, 10 gold stars & a giant *HUG*.  Thank You!
Lacie Chambers, LacieCakes (March 2010)
AF 2010 was a designers’ dream come true! It was so amazing to see my fledgling store reaching so, so many new people! GLANCE was able to promote the event in so many SL avenues that I didn’t even know existed and most likely would never have known how to connect with. It was a pleasure to work with all the organizers, who really went above and beyond to make sure the fair ran smoothly and successfully. Finally, it was just amazing for sales! In sum, a really, really great experience!
RezIpsa Luckstone, RezIpsa Loc (March 2010)
I just wanted to say: thank you! It was an amazing experience to be part of the IFW10.
From the begining to the end, everything was perfect. You and your team work with an exceptional professionalism. Paying attention to every single detail, being respectful, accomplishing all the goals and going beyond them.
It was a very important step for PurpleMoon and you made it possible.
I hope to be part of your next projects.
Please extend my gratitude to all the members of your team.
Poulet Koenkamp,  PurpleMoon Creations (July 2010)
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