Glance: Fashion Public Relations Agency

GLANCE is a  Second Life Fashion PR agency.

We are official members of the Second Life’s Solution Provider program ( Our agency offers modeling career development, unique fashion center, international fashion-oriented publications, style consultation, fashion-related photography and graphics, fashion designers promotion and fashion events coordination.

Our Second Life  fashion PR Agency moves the virtual fashion industry forward since 2008.

GLANCE International Agency has been created on August, 31 2008 by founder and CEO, Patty Cortes. Our client base covers a wide range of fashion designers from classy to neko and urban to high-fashion. Our agency has coordinated over 75 fashion shows and works closely with several brands on a regular basis. As an agency with a small, carefully selected client base, we are able to dedicate our time and passion to meet the highest expectations. Our agency is reputed to host smooth and inimitable live runs. We strive to produce inimitable events such as the “International Fashion Day”, a groundbreaking production of 24 fashion shows in 24 hours! Its first edition was featured in real world and virtual medias.

As a Second Life fashion PR agency, we produce top notch small to large events during the year.

We strive to produce fashion-centric and groundbreaking productions that create a community united for fashion.  Innovation, insightful comprehension of fashion industries, and a culture of perfection have driven the agency’s success, traits which will always.. Click here to read more.