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GLANCE offers  Second Life fashion services such as…

Model career development, style and makeover consultation, fashion events coordination, fashion graphics creation and fashion designers promotion. GLANCE International Agency has an extensive database of contacts across all areas of fashion-related online magazines, blogs and television production. We create tailored campaigns to suit our client needs and budget.

The Second Life Fashion media knowledge of GLANCE International Agency has been built over 3 years.

We built relationship within the Second Life Fashion industry over months, crossing the spectrum of fashion and features. From product placement, mainline fashion shoots, fashion interviews through top models endorsements, GLANCE International Agency deliver the results required for the success of any given campaign. By learning and understanding the message fully, we inspire and implement our extensive and sought after press contacts with great clients and unbeatable services.

Your Second Life Fashion projects will be carefully taken care of by GLANCE International Agency professional staff.

We can provide any service related to those described below and many more! Our fashion staff composed of multi-faceted and experienced individuals can help any fashion professional styling its career or brand up.

  • GIA Second Life Fashion Model Career Development
  • GIA  Second Life Fashion Style and Makeover Consultation
  • GIA  Second Life Fashion Fashion Events Coordination
  • GIA  Second Life Fashion Graphics Creation
  • GIA  Second Life Fashion  Designers Promotion

We encourage you to to contact any member of GLANCE International Agency Second Life fashion PR Management Team. We will tailor our fashion services packages to meet both your needs and your budget.

Patty Cortes
GLANCE International Agency
Premiere Second Life Fashion PR Agency Founder/CEO