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“GLANCE Runway For Life” is the official RFL team of GLANCE International Agency, SL’s premier fashion marketing and PR agency. To find more information about the team and the fundraiser, please visit: and

– How will the “GLANCE Showroom #48” silent auction event work ?

To make sure that everything is going smoothly, we decided to select an auction script with several features we, and the American Cancer Society, agree with:

  • a) The auction script will NOT receive any kind of money!
  • b) The auction script will NOT deliver any product!
  • c) The auction script WILL display the names of the persons participating (the highest bidders) as well as the full L$ amount of the highest bid
  • d) The auction script will be implemented in a simple prim box presenting the commercial poster of the product with a hovertext. The hovertext will describe precisely the name of the product, invite people to place bids by touching the prim box and display both the name of the highest bidder and the L$ amount of the highest bid.
  • e) On a simple click, the box will whisper (green text) to the participants to bid on a private channel, the channel number is generated automatically by the script so nobody will have the same and it will avoid confusion when placing bids
  • f) The auction lasts 48 hours, starting at 1.00 PM SLT on Friday, May 13th and ending at 1.00 PM SLT on Sunday, May 15th.
  • g) At 1.00 PM SLT on Sunday, all auction scripts will go offline (done manually by a GIA Staff Member)
  • h) On Monday, May 16th, the winners will be contacted. The sole winner of the auction is the person with the highest bid by auction close. Once contacted, he/she will decide if his/her name is made public and if he or someone else will introduce the winning design on the Catwalk TV or Homme Style TV special RFL of SL 2011 editions.

NOTE: Independently from the outfit’s category (male or female), several outfits can be won by one unique person. It is up to the winner of the outfits to decide if he / she will model the different outfits or who he/she wishes to see modeling the outfits during the fashion TV Shows. The winner chooses in collaboration with GIA production team who gets to wear his winning designs.

  • i) Within 24 hours following the end of the auction, the winners of the each individual auctioned item will be required to pay the correct L$ amount to an official, accredited RFL Kiosk raising funds for the team #40, GLANCE Runway For Life Team #40. The L$ amount should be the exact sum placed upon bidding. This is made to ensure 100% of the L$ will go to the accredited American Cancer Society account in Second Life(tm).

NOTE: Completion of the payment process is required to become officially the winner of the auction and receive the outfit in question. The winners of the 25 designs will only be announced after all the payments have been made to the official RFL of SL kiosks.

  • j) The fashion designers will be contacted upon receipt of the payment and will be given information on how to contact and deliver the product to the winning participants.
  • k) The winners will then be contacted by GIA Staff Members to style, rehearse and strike a pose…walking the runway on the hugely popular fashion TV Shows: Catwalk TV and Homme Style TV!

GLANCE Runway For Life Captain (Patty Cortes), Co-captain (Charriol Ansar) and leading volunteers (AngeXX Quandry, Roe Woodford, Nefertiti Kimagawa and Trage Cline) will be the team working as a liaison between the fashion designers and the winners of the auctions to guarantee product delivery and respect the process described above.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Patty Cortes, GIA Founder/CEO

Charriol Ansar, GIA COO

2011 – GLANCE International Agency.