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CheerNo Male and Female Skins Gifts for GLANCE International A-List Group Members

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Join the  GLANCE International A-List group today!

In March 2011, it’s two skin gifts that are provided to GLANCE International A-Listers!

You can find CheerNo male skin gift in the past notices of the in-world group and you can go and grab the CheerNo Femme skin gift by Kira Ahn at the designer’s mainstore, in the skin room.

Visit CheerNo Femme in-world today:

Discover CheerNo by CheerNo Destiny and CheerNo Femme by Kira Ahn on

Thank you for being part of our group! Enjoy this month’s two gifts for our esteemed A-Listers.

(You must be part of “GLANCE International A-List” group to grab both gifts!)

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